How to Save Your Marriage When a Divorce Seems Imminent

Save your marriage when a divorce seems imminent

No one wants to get divorced. Ending a marriage is hard on spouses as well as their family. Unfortunately, some couples reach a point when a divorce seems imminent. Once this happens, both are likely to feel stressed, overwhelmed and saddened. Before you know it, all you can think about is “Save my marriage. I have to save my marriage”. It is a natural reaction. Although the situation may feel hopeless, the marriage can be saved.
Here is how to save your marriage when a divorce seems imminent.

Discuss what’s wrong

Stopping an imminent divorce requires some effort. Partners have to consistently work on the relationship to get it back to a place where it can be saved.In order to reach that point, spouses must overcome any hostility. The way to do that is identifying what is wrong in the marriage. With couples counseling, spouses are able to have these often difficult discussions in a productive, non-accusatory manner. Remember, having the right attitude to solve issues can really help save your marriage.

Embrace vulnerability

When trying to save a marriage and reach a place of happiness once again, both parties have to be vulnerable. Verbalizing and expressing feelings opens hearts. When a divorce seems imminent, individuals are often angry and guarded. Rather than reacting this way, express your feelings in a positive way. Doing so can stop the divorce by helping eliminate any emotional disconnect while promoting love, understanding and forgiveness. It does this by welcoming each other back on an emotional level. Many marriages start to go downhill when they stop opening up to one another. Be vulnerable, share your feelings and find the romance once again.

Find a solution

After the problems are identified and both spouses are working on expressing their emotions more effectively, come up with a solution together. The best way to do this is addressing one problem at a time. To do this successfully, cooperation is key. Behaviors have to change and time has to be devoted to the cause. While finding a solution to each problem, really make fixing the marriage a priority. Be proactive in your efforts. If one person fails to do their part, nothing will be resolved.