How to Save Your Marriage from Divorce When It’s Heading South

How to Save Your Marriage from Divorce

The causes of divorce are many. These include infidelity, abuse, addiction, neglect, and abandonment to name a few.  Because of the multiple ways a marriage can fall apart, it may take a number of approaches to stop a divorce. Some of these approaches could include therapy, marriage counseling, separation, forgiveness, retreats, and the like.


Caring is the key

While some assert that marriage is the key to happiness, others believe that caring for self is the key if you truly want to save marriages. To save your marriage and avoid a divorce, partners should be honest about the trouble in the marriage, and seek divorce advice. While licensed and reputable therapists will not necessarily offer you some sort of marriage counseling guide, they will afford couples some ways to save a marriage from divorce including reconciliation, improved communication acumen, rest, self-care, continuing education and the like.


Therapy is hard work… Had work requiring courage, desperation and resolve.  It takes insight from both partners, and a willingness to see the process through its many stages that can be both good and bad. Good counselors challenge the people they work with to look in the mirror and confront what they see – their choices, motivations and personal integrity. The underlying hallmark of this important work is honesty. When you are intent to save your marriage from divorce and you are willing to know the truth about yourselves (weaknesses and faults included and can work on yourself) then you can truly help the situation.


Wondering how to save your marriage from divorce? 

If your answer is “yes, I want to know how to save my marriage from divorce”, then recognize that God is the true counselor and healer.  Counseling alone is not a cure all,  but counseling in concert with prayer and experiencing God’s love, grace and truth in community can transform hearts and relationships! It’s a great privilege for a great therapist to join God’s work in the lives of those on their way to greater freedom. God wants more for you and me and through us for others!


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