Preserve Your Marriage in 4 Steps When Fighting Divorce

Preserve Your Marriage in 4 Simple Steps When Fighting Divorce

The struggle behind “I am Done” is a big one. The lava simmers for a long time and then bursts, resulting in the worst-case scenario of any marriage – divorce.
If you have a “supposedly” happy marriage and you think there is nothing wrong with the relation, then, by all means, ignore all the tell-tale signs of the lava simmering.
But, if you doubt that something isn’t sitting right then, start observing. Look at the minute details that might lead to more significant issues and start working to eliminate them.
No one wakes up in the morning and thinks that I want a divorce but rather, a whole lot of thinking process goes in this one decision. Once its out, there is no taking it back. So, what can you do to fight it? What are the steps that can be taken to help fighting divorce?
Let’s look at the following four steps that can help you fight divorce and save your marriage from the looming doom.

1.Prepare an action plan

You need a plan to get the word out of your life for good, but before that, relax and think, do you want this? Do you want to save your marriage? Are you still passionate about your spouse?
If all of these questions have a positive answer, then start with your plan of action. You need to relax, and calm your nerves because panic never serves a purpose. You need to clear your mind before acting.

Moping around and crying never helped anyone so that it won’t help you either.

2.Do not play the victim

Do not play the victim

Why me? Why us? How can this happen to me? What I did wrong? All this isn’t going to help. There are no answers to these questions, only assumptions.
So, quit playing the victim. Be the strong person, have a will to save the marriage.
Playing the victim will only agitate your partner. Show him or her that you are strong and you will not let the marriage sink. Seeing your strong will makes the spouse wonder if he or she has made the right decision or not? You can, then, take advantage of this doubt.
Guilt and shaming will only make your partner stay with reluctance and it won’t kick the thought of divorce for good. Start being more positive, start showing him or her the old you, that they fell in love with.

3.List down what you need to change and get to it

When a marriage gets to the point of divorce, there is a lot of blaming around. Many aspects come up once you are nearing a marital separation. You need to take note of all the negative comments and objects. You need to work on what caused them and eliminate the issues.
Think about all the criticism that came your way and see if its true. Make a point of making your partner see that you are changing.
These criticisms are the factors that lead to this word. If you can get right of all the negative factors, there is a possibility that you will be able to fight divorce and save your marriage with success.

4. Give birth to your old self again

When you get comfortable in your marriage, you tend to lose yourself and become sloppy and laid back. Most of the time it is not a big deal, but sometimes this attitude of yours can become the primary reason leading to a divorce.
Be attractive for your partner, show them what they love, and keep the sloppy-self at bay. Look your best, you don’t have to do it all day, but do it whenever your partner needs refreshing.
You being disordered, sloppy, and untidy can never save your marriage. So be the opposite. Be the old sexy self that your spouse could not resist.

Take all the efforts to save your marriage

Building a marriage is one thing, and saving it is another.

It takes all the effort in the world to save a marriage and attract your spouse again towards you. Do not give up, be persistent and you will succeed