5 Bits of Advice that Can Save a Marriage

Save a Marriage

Whether you’re just about to say “I do” or said it several years ago, you can benefit from solid marriage advice. The following 5 bits of advice can help you enjoy a stronger relationship and teach you how to save a marriage and avoid divorce.

How to save a marriage

Knowing how to deal with the conflicts that most commonly lead to problems in a relationship and even divorce can help you have a happy and healthy marriage that stands the test of time, no matter how trying. Remember these 5 tips for a union that endures:


1) Show your appreciation

Feeling appreciated is something that men and women both crave. It takes so little to show your spouse that you appreciate them, yet many fail to do it. Not feeling appreciated can leave a person wondering why they should bother trying when it comes to everything from chores to communicating. Let them know regularly that you appreciate them and what they do by acknowledging things like helping around the house, taking care of the kids, or working hard every day. It will make them feel loved and valued, which boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel good about the marriage.


2) Don’t underestimate the importance of physical affection

With our busy lives and even just getting comfortable as time goes on, it’s far too easy to let the affection go out of a marriage. This isn’t just about sex, but also other forms of affection, like holding hands, kissing, or cuddling. Make the effort to physically touch your husband multiple times throughout the day. Greet them with a kiss or rest your hand on theirs when watching television; it doesn’t take much to make them feel loved and desired. Initiate sex rather than always expecting him to do it and show your enthusiasm about it even if you’re tired. You’ll be glad you did every time.


3) Ask yourself how much fun you are

Take a good, honest look at what you’re like to be around. Do you complain a lot? Do you bombard him with talk of chores or problems when he comes home? Do you spend more time nagging than talking? Would you want to come home to you? The answers to these questions might surprise you and show you what you could be doing to ruin your marriage. While pressing issues come up and life’s not always fun and games, the majority of your time should be spent being happy. Work on the things that are troubling you and do what you can to be happy for yourself and your spouse. If you’re happy and easy to be with, then he will be happier and easier to be with too.


4) Say it with as few words as possible

Poor communication leads to the demise of far too many marriages. The key to communicating well is to think before you speak and make your point using as few words as possible. This helps you stay on track and keeps you from coming off as argumentative or like you’re nagging, all of which can cause an argument or make your husband tune you out or speak over you. It also makes your point easy to understand for less confusion and fewer misunderstandings. Avoiding long, drawn-out talks makes communicating easier and your “talks” far less scary.


5) Take the time to have fun together

Marriage can stop being fun real fast when you’re faced with the responsibilities of marriage, raising kids, and life in general. Remember how you’d make time to do fun stuff together when you first met, even if it meant going on less sleep or getting crafty with your schedule? This shouldn’t stop entirely just because you’re married. Those special moments you shared helped bond you as a couple and led you to where you are today. Make the effort to have some of those kinds of moments as often as possible. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; it just has to be about enjoying something fun together.


Learning how to save a marriage isn’t rocket science. Make time for each other and don’t forget the people you were when you first started dating. Add good communication and showing your appreciation, and you’ve got a happy marriage that will last.