LGBT Love: Why Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

Same-sex marriage should be legal

Same-sex marriage has been an intense topic of conversation for quite some time. Some are for it while others are against or on the fence.

Even though the reasons why same-sex marriage should be legal outweigh the reasons against it, all individuals deserve the right to marry whomever they choose and, even more importantly, have that union legally recognized.

Fortunately, many are pro-same-sex marriage, and because of consistent effort, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is a right protected by the U.S. Constitution in ALL the states.

Why shouldn’t an individual be able to marry the person they love simply because of their sexual preference?

Depriving individuals of that just isn’t right. Despite the Supreme Court ruling, opposing viewpoints remain, but perhaps those who oppose do not fully understand the importance of same-sex marriage.

Let’s discuss the reasons why same-sex marriage should be legal.

Equal benefits

Same-sex marriage should be legal because it provides equal benefits to all. Before legalization in the United States, homosexual couples had no hospital visitation rights.

This means that if an emergency occurred, a person was not allowed to visit their life partner because they were not legally married.

Legalizing gay marriage also provides benefits pertaining to taxation, inheritance, and financial protection.

Fact: Did you know that before the legalization of gay marriage, gay men, and lesbian women were deprived of more than 1,000 federal rights and benefits.

Displays a positive message

Displays a positive message

Prejudice and discrimination have impacted our society in the ugliest of ways. Some of the most horrific times in history were largely due to the unfair treatment of a specific group for whatever reason.

Let’s not forget the civil rights issue. Denying a group of their right to marry sends the message that prejudice and discrimination are acceptable.

That message only prevents society from evolving and, even worse, paints the LGBT community as inferior. Recognizing everyone’s rights, however, helps reverse the problem.

Human rights must be in alignment for society to thrive.

Same-sex marriage boosts the economy

Those who are pro-same-sex marriage can accurately argue that it is beneficial to the economy.

Not only do wedding expenses have a positive impact, but more marriages mean higher taxes for those filing jointly, causing an increase in tax revenue.

Another economic benefit is increased productivity and labor mobility. Productivity improves since prejudice is removed from the workplace.

When a positive environment is created, work performance increases significantly and ultimately leads to more money, while prejudice results in underperformance.

As for labor mobility, the economy can thrive when workers can move from one state to the other without the worry that his/her marriage isn’t legal. That ability keeps everything up and running.

Family stability

Another on the list of why same-sex marriage should be legal reasons has to do with children and family stability.

There are numerous same-sex couples raising children in loving homes.

Although loving, without legalizing homosexual marriages, those children are denied the stability associated with being in a household with married parents.

For example, when same-sex marriage was not legal, child support was an issue when parents decided to split. No matter who a child’s parents are, there is no reason not to provide them with the same protections as those raised by a mother and father.

Increases the number of successful adoptions

Another reason why same-sex marriage should be legal is the increase in adoption it already has and will continue to cause.

Millions of children need safe, permanent homes, and agencies are more inclined to release children to married couples due to the stability they provide.

Gay couples might face some discriminations, but being able to legally marry eliminates the reason not to allow them to adopt.

Same-sex couples often turn to adoption since having a child of their own can be costly.

A rise in adoption rates means more children have parents to love and care for them rather than living in foster care, moving from one home to another.

It makes no sense to deny children living in a happy home (perhaps with siblings) with parents that love them.

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The above information is quite convincing, but like all topics, there are both pros and cons of same-sex marriage.

Along with the reasons why same-sex marriage should be legal, one advantage of same-sex marriage is a decrease in psychological disorders.

This is a result of the LGBT community being supported socially and feeling accepted. Inclusion positively affects well-being, while exclusion hurts it.

In addition, homosexuality should be legal in terms of marriage because it refreshes the meaning of marriage. When it comes to legalizing same-sex marriage, unions go beyond love; they take on the meaning of equality.

One of the cons of same-sex marriage, according to some, has to do with religion.

Legalizing same-sex marriage does and can cause religious confusion. If you have read the bible, it does contradict Scripture, and this is a factor individuals struggle with, but rights have nothing to do with religion.

Another argument made by those against gay marriage is the institution of marriage. Many of those who oppose it believe that allowing gay couples to wed could weaken the institution of marriage.

Right now, same-sex marriage is legal in the United States, meaning anyone can marry whomever they please.

Not only has a community been granted the rights they were entitled to from the start, but society is evolving as is marriage.

Everyone marries for the same reasons. They want to wed the person they love and be granted the innumerable rights associated with marriage in order to build a life together.

Friday, June 26, 2015, was a huge day for those who are pro-same-sex marriage, and its effects are everlasting.

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