14 Romantic Ideas That Will Make His Heart Melt

14 Romantic Ideas That Will Make His Heart Melt

If you’ve been feeling like the romance is gone from your relationship, it’s time to take charge! Your man may just need a little cue from you on how to get the ball rolling. So gear up and try these 14 romantic ideas that will make his heart melt.

1. Candle light dinner

Send the kids to grandma’s and cook up a storm in the kitchen—his favorite food, of course. Make it a surprise and watch his eyes pop out of his head as he walks in the door after work. He’ll appreciate all your extra effort to make him feel special.

2. A fun gift just because…

How often do you get nice things for your guy? His birthday and Christmas? Pay attention to that DVD he’s been eyeing or that funky pair of socks that show off his personality. Wrap it up and give it to him and say, “Just because you are YOU.”

3. Be interested in what he is doing

Is he watching YouTube videos? Take a seat next to him and have a ball laughing together. Is he out working in the yard? Put on your gardening gloves and work alongside him. He’ll love that you are taking an interest in whatever he is doing.

4. Kiss him when he least expects it

You know your guy loves a little lip action, and with the element of surprise you can’t go wrong. Whether you’re alone or in public, when he is least expecting a kiss, go ahead and plant one on him.

5. Build his confidence

We all doubt ourselves from time to time. When your guy is talking about a problem at work, or something else he’s not sure of, build his confidence. Assure him that he can do this, because he’s smart and capable. Your enthusiasm and support will make him feel like a million bucks.

6. Foot rub

He probably doesn’t say so, build your guy’s feet are super tired and sore day after day. When he’s in bed or sitting down, slowly pull off his socks and shoes and start massaging his feet. Maybe put a little bit of lotion on them, too. You don’t have to be a professional to give him some much needed relief, and make him feel special.

7. Run some of his errands

He’s a busy guy and has a lot on his plate. Offer to drop off his dry cleaning or pick up something he needs at the story. Just the fact that you are making his needs a priority will melt his heart.

Run some of his errands

8. Encourage him in his passions

Is your guy a golf nut? Computer nerd? Movie buff? Whatever his passions, encourage him to follow them. Everyone needs an outlet, and passions are where we feel alive. Help make access to those passions easier and guilt-free.

9. Love note

Whether you feel inclined to write a long email, or pen a short little something on a Post It, let your guy know you care by giving him a love note. It’ll be something he can refer to again and again so he can keep feeling the love.

10. Initiate intimacy

In general, guys have sex on the brain more often than women. So it makes sense that he probably initiates more. If this is the case, you can’t make his heart melt quicker than being the one to initiate. It’ll show him that you want him just as much as he wants you.

11. Clean his car

Your man spends a lot of time in his ride. Just imagine the look on his face if he went to work one morning and his car was clean, inside and out. His good feelings would continue all day until he could see you again!

12. Flirt with him

Sometimes if couples have been together a while, they get really comfortable. The flirting part of the relationship sorta fizzles. Don’t let that happen! Keep things spunky and fun by being extra flirty with your man. He’ll love the playfulness and sexiness of it all.

13. Back him up

Maybe you don’t always agree on everything, and that’s ok. But when it really matters to him, try to be more flexible. Back him up and take his side sometimes. He’ll feel a lot of love from your show of support.

14. Give him the remote

Watch what he wants to watch, and don’t complain or ask him to change the channel. It seems like a little thing, but it’s pretty huge. Your shows can wait for another night.

Romance is more than just chocolates and flowers. For men, what they really need is your sincerity and respect. Giving him some good physical and emotional love will make the romance soar.