3 Secrets of Happy Relationships – Believe, Ask, Receive

3 Secrets of Happy Relationships

To have the things we want, we go through the time-tested process of believing, asking then receiving.

This concept may seem incredulous in its simplicity; yet, we have experienced its outcome. Recall when you were a child and decided that you wanted an item or permission to go somewhere?

You asked and believed that the adults in your life would follow through or that special person would ask you out, and it happened. How you decided what you wanted has a process too.

In the book Success Principles, Jack Canfield writes – You have control over three things in your life – the thoughts you think, the images you visualize, and the actions you take (your behavior).

For example:

The thoughts you think

I wish my mate paid more attention to me.

The images you visualize

I see us walking into our favorite restaurant. I see him smiling at me. I hear our laughter. I get glimpses of other people smiling at us knowing that we are in love.

The actions you take

Love and magic have a great deal in common

I am going to send my spouse an email with a photograph of this restaurant and let him know the dates that I have available for dinner. I am going to have our evening out, clothes dry cleaned, ready to wear.

In this process, you have used your powers of thinking, visualizing, and taking action to believe, ask, then receive.

I fear at times we are receiving what we have been visualizing that we don’t want to see happen. We ruminate over regrettable conversations and rehearse what we will counter within the next verbal altercation.

Vince Lombardi indicates, “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” Practice leads to perfected behavior. Good News! We can master new processes.

Like John Mayer said, “If you had started doing anything two weeks ago, by today you would have been two weeks better at it.”

Love and magic have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice. –Samuel Johnson.

It truly matters what we think about. In the holiday months ahead of us, we will see the realization of dreams coming true and the magic of the holidays abounding. The magic is believing. Remember that magic you had to believe as a child? You still have the power of that magic!

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Mary Speed
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD., LMFT
Growing up in Newfoundland, she and her friends spent many winters pondering what life is all about. Her friends went into teaching, and she went on listening. Though she has 7 formal degrees, her best teacher has been and continues to be listening. A compassionate, objective ear is healing.

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