The 3 Most Important Tips On Dating You’ll Ever Receive

Here’s some of the most important dating advice you’ll ever get, so ladies, take note

With one in four couples meeting online, the dating landscape has opened singles up to more prospects than ever. On the flip side, it also opens the door for more posers, predators, and losers. Have no fear, we are here to give you fool proof tips that will have you dating with confidence! Here’s some of the most important dating advice you’ll ever get, so ladies, take note:

1. If you find yourself dating someone lacking in character, run!

Let’s say you meet a guy who’s tall dark and handsome. Not only is he tall dark and handsome, he has a great job, he also owns his own home. He’s perfect on paper and in person. Score! So you’ve been dating this guy for a few weeks, we’ll call him Brad. Brad takes you out on a date to end all other dates. One night Brad decides to wine and dine you at this exclusive five-star restaurant overlooking the ocean.

Everything is going very well except you notice that he is going to put the bill on his company credit card. And this is fine except it’s not because technically, it’s stealing. If you could take a crystal ball and look further down the line you’d see Brad being arrested for embezzlement from his company. The company credit card was just the tip of the iceberg. It was a red flag. A small red flag. But it was enough to expose Brad’s character. If you ever find yourself dating someone wanting in character you are in grave danger. Do not walk, run for the door! We often ignore the little red flags that tell us so much about a person’s true character.

If we make a habit out of acknowledging these tiny warning signs, it could save us from many pitfalls of dating, as well as a ton of heartache. Our character is rooted in our values and our values dictate our behavior. Our character is run by what governs us spiritually. So if you ever find yourself dating someone wanting in character, take heed, and get out of the relationship before it’s too late.

2. Honor your inner voice

That funny feeling you get when you met your latest online match for coffee. The quiet impression about a guy that lingers deep in your subconscious. The tiny voice telling you not to pursue a relationship. Make a habit out of following your instincts. Early in my career while working for a very popular entertainment network, I was working in production with a guy that heavily pursued a relationship with me.

I couldn’t tell you why but my instincts said, “don’t go out with this guy.” He was tall dark and handsome. He was nice. There was no real reason for me not to go out with him, except I had this feeling. Fast forward years later, he’s serving time in prison for stabbing his girlfriend. This “nice” guy had a penchant for violence. There is no way that I could have picked up on what my instinct was shouting to my subconscious. Your intuition could save your life. When it comes to dating and relationships there is no better time to let your inner voice be your guide. Trust your gut, it will never steer you wrong.

When it comes to dating and relationships there is no better time to let your inner voice be your guide

3. Confidence begins with you

Whether you’re having a bad hair day, are on the wrong side of your weight goal, or having an acne break out, you can still shine. True confidence comes from within, and once we realize that, we can unleash our unstoppable when it comes to dating and relationships. When we build our self-assuredness on qualities that are steadfast, like courage, the strength of character, and accomplishment, our value is rooted deep within us, and it is immovable regardless of the type of hair day we’re having, or how many likes our picture got on social media. And a woman that’s confident on the dating scene is fearless and unstoppable!

Nadiyah Herron
Relationship/Dating Coach, M.A.
Nadiyah is the author of The Smart Woman’s Guide To Dating And Relationships. Nadiyah is a relationship expert, motivational speaker, author and tv host. Nadiyah believes that relationships are the foundation of strong families and communities, and it is essential to learn to navigate those relationships with principles rooted in the word of God. Nadiyah maintains a Master’s degree in Strategic Communications, a minor in Sociology, a Bachelor’s in English, and attended Pepperdine University and the University of California Riverside. These two degrees, her faith, life experience, and nearly a decade of marriage, have provided her with a strong foundation and practical insight in interpersonal communications and relationships. Further professional training through the American Psychotherapy Association as a board Certified Relationship Specialist® has allowed Nadiyah to bring a multidimensional approach to her work.

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