How to Prevent Arguments in a Relationship

How to Prevent Arguments in a Relationship

Arguments within a marriage are inevitable. When two different people with different experiences, from different walks of life come together, it’s a great miracle yet it can be arduous. When you enter into a conversation with your spouse there’s usually no intention to start an argument but it happens.

As a married person of 13 years and a marriage counselor of 10 years, I have a found a proven way to manage arguments effectively. Yes, it ia actually possible and I will tell you how.

Understand your partner’s point of view

You must first try to understand what point, opinion or value your spouse is trying to express. When you understand what your spouse is saying and where that is coming from, you can easily prevent the forthcoming argument. Whether you agree or not does not make a difference. What holds validity is that you comprehend what exactly is being communicated to you.

More you understand each other, the fewer arguments you will have

When you are having an argument with your spouse, you both win when you understand what your spouse is saying. Always remember that the better you understand your spouse, the fewer arguments you will have. Arguments usually erupt when a person feels like what they are trying to communicate is not being understood properly. When that happens frustration sweeps in and an argument ensues. 

So, you must rectify your communication problems and ensure that you and your partner are both understood by each other. Making efforts to improve your mutual understanding is the key to prevent arguments in your relationship.

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Faith Abraham
Counselor, PhD
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