Five Ways to Make Your Relationship Spiritual and Sacred

Ways to make your relationship spiritual and sacred

Involvement in spirituality and meditation will help you personally and will help you and your partner have more support, understanding, caring, passion and connection in your relationship. Having a spiritual path can help to make your relationship sacred.

When I reflect on my personal experiences and the experiences that I have heard others talk about, including highly evolved meditation Masters, it seems that spirituality is an experience where we feel connected to something greater than ourselves. As such, spirituality can be seen as a sacred experience that is heartfelt, and consists of gratitude, acceptance, inner peace, serenity and appreciation, to name a few.

Ways to Make Your Relationship Spiritual and Sacred

1) Focus on gratitude

Focus on the traits and characteristics of your partner, and yourself, that you are grateful for. Focus on what they do, and what you do, that you are grateful for. Feeling gratitude is often an antidote to painful feelings and situations as well as to fear.

2) Focus on wins

At the end of the day, alone or with your partner, take a few minutes and reflect on what has worked and what you have accomplished through the day. Getting in the habit of doing this will help you to cultivate more and more gratitude.

3) Express appreciation

This can be done with a simple thank you or acknowledgement and/or by an expression of appreciation such as some sort of gift or a nice card. Sometimes we can take things for granted so a simple thank you can be very meaningful.

4) Support your partner

Consider that one of your roles or purposes in the relationship is to support your partner on their spiritual journey and to help them to experience their highest self, whatever your understanding of this is. In this process you are committing to help each other to become your best self and committing to something greater than yourselves and to something even greater than your relationship.

5) Meditate

Meditating regularly has great benefits. According to the benefits of meditation include:

  • Thinking more positively
  • Quieting the mind
  • Lowers oxygen consumption
  • Decreasing respiratory rate
  • Increasing blood flow
  • Slowing the heart rate
  • Feeling calmer and more relaxed
  • Reducing anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate
  • Decreasing muscle tension and headaches
  • Building self-confidence
  • Increasing serotonin production which influences mood and behavior (which is very positive as low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, obesity, insomnia and headaches)
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing pre-menstrual syndrome
  • Being more focused

Please take a moment and imagine regularly feeling calmer and more relaxed, having more confidence, being more focused (which makes you a better listener and will therefore improve your communication), and being healthier physically. When you experience these benefits of meditation and express appreciation, focus on wins and support your partner you will surely have a more caring, understanding, supportive and passionate relationship. And you’ll likely have more fun, more sex and more laughter.

Jeff Schneider
Counselor, LCSW
Jeff Schneider is a N.Y. State licensed clinical social worker and relationship expert in
New Paltz, NY. He has helped people from all walks of life struggling with relationship
problems, addictions, depression, fear, low self-esteem and how to integrate
counseling and spirituality. Visit to learn more about him.

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