10 Beautiful Quotes on Long Distance Relationships

10 Beautiful Quotes on Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationship are not for the fainthearted. These relationships require a lot of time and heart to execute properly. Exciting opportunities for love, as well as unique challenges, both present themselves when you span your love over the miles. They are full of plane tickets, lonely nights, and lots of patience. They are also fun, loving, and completely rewarding when both partners put in the earnest effort. Here are some of the best long distance relationship quotes from the experts to keep the love in your LDR.

1. Be open and honest

“One of the best long distance relationships tips you can use is to talk. And talk. And talk some more! When you don’t have the luxury to spend physical time together bonding through touch, good communication is your new best friend. It is in the best interest of both you and your partner to be open and honest about what you need from a relationship. Talk about what’s working for you and don’t be afraid to say what isn’t working.” – Submitted by Lexi L.

2. Don’t be afraid to talk about the little things

“Being in a long distance relationship lets you explore a lot of your big stories. Childhood events college goals, and long conversations and God and the universe. All that fun stuff that you stay awake until 4 AM talking about. But, don’t be afraid to talk about the little things either. If we’re in a relationship I want to hear about the rude coffee barista, the funny guy you bumped into on the subway, and all the mundane things you would tell me if we were in person.” – Submitted by Ezra H.

3. Go out of your way to show one another you care

“My wife and I did long distance while I was in the army and she used to send me care packages all the time. They would be full of chips and goodies. But my favorite items were the hand written letters she would send and the things that smelled like her, like stuffed animals and shirts. Not very manly, but very sweet.”  – Submitted by Aaron T.

4. Don’t play mind games

“When my girlfriend and I were in a long distance relationship we didn’t really have time for mind games. Sure, there’s a small urge to play it cool and not respond to texts or e-mails for few days, or to play her hot and cold, but what’s the point? I wanted her to know exactly how I felt and she wanted me to know the same. Avoiding the whole ‘mind game’ trap was refreshing and forced us to open up more. It was really great for our communication, actually.” – Submitted by Tiffany L.

5. Don’t keep score

“Dating my man, I learned quickly that keeping score is the fastest way to ruin the good thing you have going. The minute you start comparing who does more for whom, you’ve turned your relationship into a contest. Contests aren’t fun, since there’s always a winner and a loser. Instead of counting how many gifts you’ve sent him or how many times he’s called, just enjoy the time you spend together.” – Submitted by Brit G.

6. Keep jealousy in check

“Once you get serious about someone who you can’t physically be with all the time, it can be pretty easy to get jealous. I used to get jealous of everyone my boyfriend hung out with. His male friends, female friends, family, work colleagues. But, you have to remember that they are with YOU for a reason. If he didn’t want to be with me he wouldn’t be putting in all his time, effort, and pain that it takes to keep a LDR alive.” – Submitted by Theresa M.

7. Make date nights

“My girlfriend and I make date nights over Facetime. We’ll pick a movie or a show, both go out and get snacks, and then sync up our Netflix so that we can watch it together. We’ll keep our phones or Skype on and make commentary together just like we would when we are in person. It definitely makes us feel like we are together.” – Submitted by Kojiro H.

8. Be reassuring

“When I was in a long distance relationship I needed a lot of reassurance, which my husband always gave. I wanted to know that he was serious about me, that he wasn’t with someone else, and that this was real to him, not just some Catfish story in the making. He was great. I realized that I was being super insecure and learned to knock it off. But as a suggestion, if you are serious about your long distance relationship, reassure your partner that they are real to you.” – Submitted by Sema P.

9. Make plans for the future

“Don’t be afraid to talk about the future with your girlfriend. If your LDR is really real to you, you’re going to go that extra mile in making plans to get married or move in together. If living in the same city is the ultimate goal, let her know!” – Submitted by Richard H.

10. Visit one another regularly

“Visiting one another is really important in a long distance relationship. My girlfriend and I took every opportunity and saved every extra penny just to make sure we were able to see one another at least once a month. We lived seven hours apart at the time. There are a lot of things you can do online now to bridge the distance, but there is nothing quite like being together in person. It also helps you get a better idea of your chemistry. Plus, you can go out on dates. And kiss. The kissing is the best part.” – Submitted by Rosalyn W.

Relationships are hard when you can’t see your partner at the drop of a hat, but there are plenty of long distance relationship tips to keep the fire alive when you can’t be together in person. Practice these relationship saving tips to make the most of your time away from the love of your life.