Benefits of Premarital Counseling: The Most Important Wedding Planning You can do

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If you have recently become engaged and are planning a wedding, congratulations and welcome to your exciting new world. While starting out on this journey can be filled with love and hope, it can also be filled with stress. Your world is about to change as you grow together, hopefully as a strong team. Many couples who think they know one another so well agree that they could benefit from improving in certain areas. It is always fascinating to discover one another’s true values and beliefs in all facets of relationship life.

Some of the areas couples report needing improvement in are:

  • Healthier communication
  • Managing & respecting personality styles
  • Handling finances
  • Trust issues and fidelity
  • Sustaining romance & passion
  • Sexual desire differences

It is better to focus on such important matters much earlier rather than keep them for later. Unfortunately, the focus is derailed by the hustle and bustle of wedding preparation. Entering into the wedding planning mindset is all-encompassing, exhaustive and often times people become obsessed. This can take quite a toll on the couple’s relationship, as well as personal sanity. This is the time that requires decision-making, compromise, attention to detail, and prioritizing wisely. While some couples thrive during this time, using it as a way to grow together, others find it overwhelming and divisive.

Premarital Counseling

Expert counseling can guide couples during this stressful time to:

  • Listen and learn about one another’s needs and fears
  • Provide a haven from stress and anxiety
  • Practice loving negotiation and compromise
  • Truly understand one another’s values
  • Maintain respect, appreciation and admiration
  • Reality check what you can change, and what you cannot change

Achieving these relationship skills will serve you well on your lifelong journey together. Be prepared for the journey ahead as a strong team. This will be the wisest money spent during your wedding planning!

With over 10 years of experience in Private Practice, Katherine has offices in New York City and in Garden City, Long Island. She is a NY State Licensed Mental Health Counselor, L.M.H.C., Masters level Psychotherapist, Nationally certified: NCC. She has had an advanced post-grad training from ICP in NYC: Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapies, which afforded her with a uniquely integrated approach based on modern psychodynamic theory.Katherine is also credentialed in Substance Abuse counseling. For 10 years, she has worked successfully with men and women, couples & families to eliminate relationship distress and improve interpersonal functioning. Visit The Relationship Place of NY to address specific relationship problems, to explore blocks to forming healthy relationships, infidelity, and how to best work on relationship conflict.

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