3 Key Tips to Make This Valentine’s Day Sexier

Make this Valentine’s Day stand out from the past with 3 tips

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and are you going to do the same thing you do every year? What is it, 12 roses to her office or home? Or maybe a dinner at a nice restaurant? It’s time to shake things up… And put the sexy back in the Valentine’s Day!

Here are 3 key tips to make this Valentine’s Day sexier, hotter… And did we say sexier? Sure enough, Valentine’s Day is for lovers.  It’s a sweet little corner table in a restaurant. It’s for a dozen rose. Oh my Lord, can’t we get more inventive, and a little sexier this year for Valentine’s Day?

Make this Valentine’s Day stand out from the past with 3 tips 

1. What do women really want? Here’s a shocker  

This year we asked a good number of women if they would let us know what their number one choice for Valentine’s date would be. Was it dinner at a nice restaurant? No. Was it a dozen, two dozen or three dozen roses? No. So what did they want? They wanted one on one time with their man. They wanted to cuddle. What? Cuddle? Of course, that’s what most guys are thinking. Oh my God! Not that cuddling stuff. Yep, that cuddling stuff.

So why don’t you break out of the mould this year, and instead of going out and blowing a bunch of money in an expensive restaurant, (Sorry restaurant owners), why don’t you just make a decision to order in. You’re welcome restaurant orders owners.

That’s right!  Order from a really nice restaurant, have it delivered by a delivery service, tell your wife or girlfriend to get into her sexiest lingerie, and that you are going to serve her dinner in bed. That’s right dinner in bed. Make this year different.

2.  It’s time for a threesome – don’t jump  your guns

You read that correctly, it’s time to go way out of your comfort zone and have a threesome with your significant lover. Now, don’t let your mind go in the gutter, I’m not talking about a threesome with another person, I’m talking about a threesome with some really wonderful sex paraphernalia.

Maybe it’s a gorgeous new sex toy or maybe some really sexy, beautiful perfumed massage oil that will give her the treat of her life. Or maybe it’s an incredible sexual, sex education DVD to stimulate her mind and body. Let’s get rid of the old boring stuff, how about feathers on a stick to tickle her into submission? Or what about a light paddle on the behind, to get her juices really flowing this year. That’s right! Get a threesome baby, with some exterior toys and stimulating products to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

Include some really wonderful sex paraphernalia as a part of your V- Day celebration

3. A double massage to get both of your juices flowing

You better order now, find a massage therapy centre and see if they’ll send  2 massage therapists to your house so that you can both have an incredible hour and a half massage side-by-side without ever having to leave your house.

Pour a glass of champagne for your lover, tell her to go and get into her very comfortable birthday suit LOL, and when they come and set up the portable massage table she will be blown away.

Can you imagine the look on his and or her face? And after that relaxing massage, if the massage therapists are strong enough ask them to carry you both to your bed where you can make love for the rest of the night.

Find a massage therapy centre and see if they’ll send  2 massage therapists to your house

Remember, doing the same old thing every year gets old, this year, make it sexier, hotter and more intimate than ever. Your partner will thank you.

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