How to Put Intimate Sex Into Boosting Your Relationship?

How to Put Intimate Sex Into Boosting Your Relationship

Intimate sex is a seal for marriage covenant.  The law allows divorce when there is proof of no sexual relations with your spouse. The products of sex- children- livens a family and completes the marriage. What is good or bad intimate sex? How long should sex last? What is the best sex position for married couples?

How long should sex last?

There is no definite written law on the length of sexual intercourse. Men think of sex all the time as long as there is a trigger which is physical admiration. Women, on the other hand, look at sex as an emotional act of love. By the way, women practice sex with someone they love while men can do it just to relieve themselves.

Sex starts from the mind, the physical contact with the opposite sex is the final step of completion of sexual intercourse. Teasing, touching, love messages, and foreplay are preparation plans for the actual act is part of the process.

You should stop sex when you are both sure you have satisfied each other’s sexual needs. Good intimate sex comes when both parties love one another and feel mutual attraction. Otherwise, when there is no consent then it is rape.

Marriage is a funny institution; you have lived with your partner despite their flaws. In addition, you are expected to meet your conjugal rights despite the circumstances. When it comes to sex, personality and preferences dictate the nature of your intimacy. Some people opt to solve their marital issues with intense sex without the mutual consent of their spouses. Others prefer to use sex as a punishment tool to meet certain marital obligations.

Health experts, on the other hand, advocate for frequents sexual relation because of the following health benefits:

  • Relieves anxiety and further stress
  • It cures minor headaches as a result of fatigue
  • It enhances the bond between partners
  • It has an emotional fulfillment

When you meet a marriage counselor to help you in your marital conflicts; the first question they ask is how fulfilling is your sex life? It is a clear indication that its absence in marriage has a direct effect of marital conflicts.

What is the best sex position for married couples?

Your ability to withstand any of the sex positions with your partner defines a good sex position. Just like dating, you have to explore your needs and your sensitive body parts for fulfilling intimacy. As a general rule, married couples are advised to have different sex positions to have intense and fulfilling sexual experience. As long as both parties are in agreement, go for it.

Conditions for a fulfilling intimate sex

1. Relax

It is a sacred time to emotionally connect to one another. Allow your mind to clear from any negative thoughts, guilt, hurt feelings, and anger to stimulate all your nerves to respond to any feelings of touch and foreplay. Understand your partner’s body, when is she or he ready and what you need to do more to prepare her or him for a fulfilling sexual experience.

2. Maintain eye contact

It is a passionate time; you need not shy away. Eye contact in itself arouses a partner. You communicate preparedness and willingness for the task ahead. Share adoring moments, as you remind one another of your unconditional love.

3. Schedule intimate time

Just as you look forward to a special date, it is the same feeling as you approach time for intimacy. Switch off the TV, put on sexy lingerie with a love song in the background. Set the mood for the moment; you will be amazed by the experience.

4. Start with foreplay

It is not a live or die operation, instead, have a good time for foreplay which includes kissing, fondling, hugging and stroking your partner as you watch her reaction in readiness for penetration to enjoy the moment.

5. Enjoy a sweet sexual experience

With the above conditions, you are all set for the task ahead; do it gently as you progress with time. Your partner’s reaction and demand determine your intensity and frequency. Sex talk is ideal at this time to arouse and stimulate the production of fluids to lubricate reproductive organs to prevent friction.

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Good intimate sex is a state of the mind determined by an emotional connection which you are at liberty to work towards it to achieve multiple orgasms