Men and Sex- Not All Men Are Sex Machines

Men and sex- Not all men are sex machines

Some men think about sex all the time and are always ready to penetrate. A lot of people believe that men are nothing but sex machines with sex always on their minds. However, what we perceive and what men actually are two different things.

Men don’t think about sex all the time. Men and women respond differently to sex. Men may be more inclined to sex, but they do have a soft and romantic side to their personality as well. They’re always portrayed as hard and strong, whereas women are seen as emotional beings. Listed below are some traits that separate how men are perceived and how they actually are when it comes to sex-

Men have feelings and get emotional

Men don’t cry. They’re emotionally strong and never go through emotional pain or suffering as opposed to their counterparts. Well, this is not entirely true. From the start, society has been portraying men as a responsible head of the family. This implies they’ve to demonstrate that they’re emotionally strong.

However, it is time we break this stereotype and look at men as human begins. Men have feelings and they do undergo emotional breakdowns. It’s important for women to know that they can understand them.

Men have different ways to show they love you

Women are known to demonstrate love openly. They love to display affection in public and do it quite well. Men, otherwise, often termed as emotionless and unromantic because they fail to do so. This is not true.

Men have their own way of displaying love. They prefer doing it by actions and not words.

They would make their lady love feel comfortable, in any way possible. They would ensure that they are happy. They would do small those small chores possible that would make their love happy.

Men have needs beyond sex

Men don’t look forward to sex all the time. Some men have a high libido that may come across as they’re always looking for sex, but they look for things beyond that as well.

They look forward to sex as an exciting activity. So, it’s not that they just want to penetrate and done, they also look forward to sex with excitement as women do.

Not all men are not commitment-phobic

Not all men are not commitment-phobic

We all know that George Clooney was commitment phobic for a very long time until he found the perfect girl. Since men don’t get seriously involved with women so easily they may come as they are not ready to commit at all. Well, they’re not.

They are as serious about relationships as women can be. They also need someone to spend their entire life with. They also love kids and want them. They may not express this openly, but deep down they surely do look forward to such things.

Men do listen to their lady love

‘Men just don’t listen’, is a common phrase that is used quite often. Well, it’s not true. Men do pay attention to details and words. They do spend time listening to all the complaints and issues women face.

It’s a general feeling that when men are listening to your words they’re interested in sex. Not all the time men and sex can be linked together, right?

Men do fall for the body when it comes to establishing a physical connection

Men and women are made differently and have different desires. Whilst a woman can fall for a man’s intelligence, a man can fall for a woman’s beauty. There are certain things that we all must accept and make peace with. This is one of them.

It won’t be right to deny this fact entirely. Men are high on testosterone and do look for an attractive woman to have sex with. They can’t get physical unless they are not attracted to the women.

Men can’t get clues

Most women complain that their men fail to catch those little hints they leave every now and then. Well, men just can’t do it. They are not sharp observant as women are. They really can’t get the clues and hints.

Men are not good at this. They fail to register any slight change in the mood or facial expressions. It is always better that you share your feelings with them and tell them exactly how you feel.

People often talk about men and sex but not many speak about their feelings. It’s necessary that for every woman to know and appreciate that man are different and react to certain things differently. This surely doesn’t mean that they’re emotionless and always have sex in their mind.