Loud Sex and the Biology Behind It

Loud Sex and the Biology Behind It

Loud sex seems to serve a more profound purpose than merely to annoy neighbors.

It’s also not just something women copy from porn although they do sometimes find the inspiration for all sorts of stuff there. And, it’s not a direct proof of a man’s performance. It seems to be something embedded into female biology.

The proof?

Primates also have loud sex, and it does serve as a sort of an advertisement. This article will discuss the biology behind loud sex, its effects among humans, as well as how to handle others having loud sex and you having to listen to it.

Loud sex and our primal instincts

When we observe our closest relatives in the animal world, primates, we start to notice some resemblance. Moreover, by analyzing what and why they do, we usually learn a bit more about our own primal nature. This is because the majority of our behavior is deeply altered due to societal norms. This is somewhat true when it comes to sex too.

When a female monkey is loud during sex and they are sometimes, this has an adaptive effect. She raises her chances of having a stronger and healthier offspring. That is, her loudness in sex attracts the attention of other males, and they line up.

This way, their genetic material competes, and the best “candidate” will impregnate her. Moreover, when a female is loud during sex, the chances of the male ejaculating increase.

The opposite happens when a female is having sex in the proximity of other females. She prefers to keep it quiet in a sense. This is interpreted by biologists as the female monkey’s attempt to maintain the male mate with her by the end. If she were to attract the attention of females and they would gather, the male might go on to another female.

Another thing that seems to be transferred from the world of primates is our perception of loud sex. In specific, among primates, loud sex is usually associated with promiscuous species. If you honestly analyze your own view of a woman being loud in sex, you might notice that you might have a prejudice of her being promiscuous.

Loud sex and human females

Loud sex and human females

Obviously, our human societies are arranged a tad differently, and we usually don’t behave according to primates’ norms. We don’t have loud sex to attract other males, or a quiet one not to attract other females.

We usually have sex in the privacy of our homes. And we’re usually also constrained by our living arrangements, especially if the couple has children.

But, the biology is there to set bases for our behavior. And, although some women might truly feel that they couldn’t act in any other way but scream out of the top of their lungs when having sex, it is truly our primal instincts that directed us towards that.

By being loud in sex, the woman contributes to the male excitement and the sex is overall bound to be better.

Of course, there is much more to human relations, including sex than biology. But one aspect of our existence is very closely associated with our animal ancestors, and the least monitored by social norms, and that is sex. This is why we do act primal in sex, including having loud sex to increase the partner’s excitement.

Dealing with others’ loud sex

Now, we might be a bit selfish when it comes to sex.

We might ourselves be having loud sex. Or not. But, what surely bothers us is when our neighbors are having loud sex and we can’t go about our days and nights without counting their orgasms. Especially if we have children, and we have a hard time explaining to them that their neighbor isn’t being murdered.

So, how to tackle this?

First of all, deal with your own feelings

It’s normal to feel embarrassed by what you hear, regardless of the fact that you’re doing the same thing. It’s our upbringing that makes us feel this way. Also, it’s completely fine to feel jealous too. Same as with other things in life, the grass appears greener on the other side.

Try not to feel bad about it, and if you have sexual issues, try and use this opportunity to resolve them instead of feeling sad about it.

When it comes to families with children, try to talk to your neighbors. Do this without judgment, and as openly as possible. Explain to them that your children hear them too.

The vast majority of people will have understanding for this. If not, try to change your living arrangements if possible to stop your children from being constantly disturbed by the noises.