Prepare For 8 Significant Changes To The Sex Lives of Men Over 65

 Significant Changes To The Sex Lives of Men Over 65

The sex lives of men over 65 might be an aspect of life that is taken for granted, but with so many significant changes to how older men and their partners experience sexual interaction, it’s worth learning about what types of changes occur and how to manage them.  

This way, you can continue to enjoy a happy and healthy sex life for many more years, if you choose to, it’s just that it will be different to what you have been used to.  

Here are some of the changes you can expect in the sex lives of men over 65

1. Few elder men take erection drugs

It’s a common notion that erection drugs are the recipe for the successful sex lives of men over 65, however, the reality is that while they might improve blood flow, they generally don’t solve the other problems that lead to a loss of erections such as performance anxiety, low libido, and premature ejaculation issues.  

2. Most men struggle with the reality of the sex lives of men over 65

Even though men know that their sexual prowess will decline as they reach the tender ages of 65 and beyond, most have a hard time accepting it, which further compounds their problem in maintaining an erection. Anxiety has a significant impact on men over 65 because it’s a very real problem.  

The best thing you can do to prepare for this situation is to prepare for the reality that you will feel this way.  It might help you to come to terms with your new sex life sooner, reduce some anxiety and help you find a new way toward a fulfilling sex life.

3. Testosterone deficiency is overrated

Testosterone deficiency is surprisingly uncommon in older men, despite ‘trusted’ public health officials and physicians claims.  

It is very likely to be over diagnosed and over treated, perhaps not necessarily deliberately but perhaps because such officials have not reached the grand old age of 65 to find out for themselves.  

4. Staying healthy is exclusive to the decline in sexual prowess

Staying healthy is exclusive to the decline in sexual prowess

While taking care of your health might delay the inevitable for a few years, unfortunately, it doesn’t protect elder men from a loss of erection or a declining libido.  It does protect you from becoming fragile and immobile in later life though.

5. Single men over 65 tend to have lesser sexual desire

Despite approximately 50-90 % of men over 65 being likely to experience erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, difficulty ejaculating and performance anxiety, the sex lives of men over 65 can still be immensely satisfying.  You just need to get creative and find new erotic ways to enjoy your sex life.

6. Accepting the facts will help you prepare

As an older man, if and when these sexual problems arise, understanding what is happening, and even discussing these issues with your partner if you are in a relationship will help you prepare and adjust to the changes a little more smoothly.

Remember, it’s not just you, most sex lives of men over 65 have these issues.  It’s just part of life.

7. Sex lives of men over 65 improve if the focus is on fun

Focus on all of the other exciting and tantalizing ways that you and your partner can have fun.  

Remove the focus from intercourse.

Your partner will probably be satisfied with this solution too since women find intercourse increasingly uncomfortable as they age – even with the use of lubricant.  

Instead, focus on what you used to use as foreplay as the sensual and sexual activities that will form your sex life.  For example, total body massage, genital massage, sex toys, oral sex, and good old kissing.

Enjoy the slower sensual pleasures of being more in sync with your lover which was probably very difficult to do when you were a young buck – but will be entirely satisfying for you and your lover now.  

8. Turn-ons in the sex lives of men over 65 become sensual

You won’t need an erection to achieve orgasm as an elder male.  

Sensual music, candles, and all of the tactics described in the point above along with an enthusiastic partner and enough penile massage even if you are not quite firm will be enough to invoke orgasms as incredible as the ones you have experienced in the past.  

There are many changes in the sex lives of men over 65, and most of them won’t be welcomed, at least not at first, but if you accept that it’s not just you and begin to change your approach to sex, you can still keep the passion going for many years to come.

You don’t have to respond to these sexual changes by giving up your sexual pleasures although that’s entirely your choice if you do.