20 All-Time Best Sex Advices for Men to Enhance Their Love Quotient

Best Sex Advices for Men

The most common cause of marital conflict is inadequate sexual satisfaction. To achieve this, you have to ensure your woman is sexually fulfilled. The following sex advice for men will improve your sex life to an extent of rekindling your love life. This article provides a step by step guide with the best sex tips geared towards improving your bedroom life.

Provide tender loving care

Women are delicate creatures sensitive to both physical touch and emotional connection. Show concern on every bit of their lives as you take caution not to be a stalker choking her with a prison-like lifestyle. The outward way in which you handle her allows her to open her heart and mind in a bid to guide you on what she expects in a fulfilling love experience. During a love making session, remember you’re not in a marathon, slow motion works wonders. The power lies in slow motion which gives you a lasting love stimulating session.

Take your time to learn her

Marriage experts advise men to learn about their women; every woman is different, explore her body to get her most sensitive parts that arouse her and turn you on as well. Let every love making session become a learning experience as you capitalize on the subsequent sessions. Plan your sex session to avoid doing it in a rush which may be unsatisfactory to her; although spontaneous sex has an impact too.

Grunt, moan and give verbal appreciation

Grunts and moans, as you appreciate her reaction and body curves, are a great turn on for any woman. It is not a fight. Silence gives a wrong signal of your thought on her moves.

Make the love session something to look forward to

As a man, never be predictable in your sex moves. Let each sex session have a new style in line with her likes. Appreciate her looks and efforts that entice you. Always treat her well and use kind words of love- it portrays some level of respect.

Share your fantasies

Use the power of the pen to write your fantasies. As you have that romantic date, surprise each other with your fantasies, share your thoughts and choose what you can do immediately as you postpone others that you think will be fun later. Of course, you will dismiss the other not impactful ones.

Copy her style of romance

A woman will do what she expects. Ask her leading questions on how she wants you to handle her in bed. Copy what she does, that is her expectation from you.

Give intimate compliments

Compliment her body parts which ignite your sexual feeling. You will realize, the moment she notices you love them she will work on them through makeup or other ways to become better. How do you feel if your woman goes an extra mile to ensure you fall in love with her all the time? Just use the same logic.

Prepare her for a love session

The best sex advice is not only the use of reproductive organs but what you achieve as a result- sexual gratification. First, mentally prepare her on what to expect. Derive pleasure by touching her most sensitive parts. Go an extra mile to please her- a display of love and affection. Let her know you love and appreciate her presence by looking at her straight in her eyes and tell her “ I love you and you mean a lot to me”. You will be amazed at the level of openness in your love making activities. Women need love and appreciation.

Engage in romantic action like kissing and hugging with skill

Allow your tongues to be in touch, as you hold her tightly- closer to you for maximum body contact. Diversify on the frequency  to stimulate the nerve endings responsible for stimulation for the preparation of a great love-making session.
Diversify your sex styles in love making sessions

The best sex advice for men from renowned sexologists is, make the bedroom activity pleasurable by changing sex positions from time to time. It takes time to get the most pleasurable one, but explore your woman, with time you hit the mark. Let both of you take control of the session to prevent boredom.

Communicate regularly

Imagine your girlfriend never communicates or doesn’t show any concern of your wellbeing, only to come from nowhere and ask for sex. Out rightly, you will decline. Are you a sex object? Similarly, let your woman feel the love by using various communication channels to portray your love towards her. It gives an impression of appreciation and value, which enhances your emotional connection.

Build tension in anticipation of explosion

Sex is a technique rather that a prove-your-strength kind of activity. Emotional connection makes the difference between rape and satisfactory love session. Start with sweet words early in the day to shift her mind to an upcoming love-making session. At homes, a little teasing and preparing a nice dinner as you serve her enhances the passion for sex. In anticipation, already you build tension for her to think of better ways of making you enjoy the sex game.

The most valuable sex tip for men include both physical and emotional connection which starts in the mind. When you now meet, it becomes a smooth ride.

Talk dirty

Do you know the dirty talk is a turn on for most women? You are killing me, honey! Oh, you are the best lover! Let the dirty talk be what she wants to hear. Ask open questions to allow her to express her feelings.
Initiate sex as early as possible in the morning

You have to prepare her from morning by a flattering text message or an inbox message on her social media platforms appreciating her presence or a bouquet of flowers or a surprise gift at work or a direct message.

Try a new position

Why not allow her to take control of the session by letting her on top to ride as you appreciate and inquire on her feelings? Do not finish on the same position you began with.

Play love music at the background

“We belong together” what a direct message to your love. Sing along with the music as you caress her sensitive parts which turn her on. It is even better when you play her favorite love lyrics. You will not believe on her action of reciprocation.

Public show of love and affection

Nothing gives her an undying love when there is clear evidence that no one is competing with her for your attention. The confidence and show off of her presence in your love seals the deal making her open her heart and mind for you- sex is all in the mind.

Be loyal to her moves

Be flexible by giving her room to direct you on what gives her more pleasure. It is not the time to prove your masculinity but time to let her have control over you.

Show love without penetration

Simple acts of love like walking with holding your hands helps together, going out for shopping, a surprise lunch date or a dinner dates acts as foundation for great sex.

You have the power to provide a fulfilling sexual experience with the above sex tips for men. The best sex advice should be in line with the interest of your woman. In the beginning, you have to try what pleases her before you get to learn to see the magic on her.