A Brief Sex Guide to Improve Your Relationship

Sex Guide to Improve Your Relationship

An interpersonal relationship can be a supremely difficult sea to navigate, especially with respect to romantic relationships. With so many different topics to have to account for; from sex, to finances, loyalty, parenting, to who takes out the garbage, we are governed by how well one’s feelings and intentions are communicated. This is especially important when it comes to dealing with the role that sex can play within a relationship.

Sex can be used for a myriad of things within a relationship; from a way to increase intimacy between the involved parties, to simply a method of receiving physical pleasure. It is up to the parties involved to discuss the nature of their sexual relationship, as miscommunications can cause significant long-term, and even irreparable damage. For now, we’re going to discuss it in a positive context, specifically how we can ensure that it plays a beneficial role in your relationship.

Here’s a quick guide to help you improve your sexual life:

Know your own sexual needs

A key to approaching sex in one’s relationship is knowing your own sexual needs. In my opinion, no one knows your body better than you know your own. As a result, it’s a good idea to communicate these nuances to your partner in order to ensure that your needs can be met, and vice versa.

Communicate well

Also, communicate what you’re comfortable doing and what you’re not comfortable doing. Be open with your comfort zone and don’t feel a need to conform to the needs of others. If we can communicate our feelings here, then we can try to come to a compromise that ensures that the pleasure needs of all parties are met. Simply put: don’t stop communicating. If something feels good, say so. If you don’t want your partner to stop, tell them. If you’re getting a Charlie Horse or a tongue cramp, you should probably mention that, lest we enjoy an awkward trip to the ER.

Sex is built on trust and respect

We want sexual fulfillment in every aspect of our sexual relationship. What we don’t want is for anyone to ever feel unsafe, or uncomfortable within their relationships. Under no circumstance is it okay to pressure your partner into anything that they don’t feel comfortable with. If they say that they’re not okay with something, their needs and wishes need to be respected. Sex is built on trust and respect; and your partner should feel safe enough to be honest about their sexual needs.

Sex should be enjoyed, and has the potential to enhance your relationship in ways that are unimaginable. Due diligence should be done to ensure that we receive the pleasure that we desire, and that we try to help others feel fulfilled as well.

Ryan Worthen is a Certified Holistic Life Coach who deals with many different areas of coaching, but focuses on sexuality and intimacy; including sexual trauma, and unconventional sexual behavior. He enjoys working with individuals and couples on all things related to intimacy, women’s concerns, and LGBT issues. He also has an organization, PASA Trauma & Crisis Associates that supports and advocates for victims of sexual trauma. He is currently in a Master’s program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

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