Tips in Dealing with New Parent Anxiety

Tips in Dealing with New Parent Anxiety

When your child is born, it is typical thought to be an exciting and wonderful moment. But this is not the case for all new parents. The anxiety with having to now raise a baby until adulthood can be overwhelming. Society makes parenthood out to be something glamorous, when in actuality it is a loss of your life as just a couple.


Sometimes, it can take a few months to really enjoy being a new parent. It is hard to get use to the fact that you have to accommodate a little person, including changing your sleep habits and free time. Having a new baby in your life isn’t easy. If you are a new parent, or you will be one, here are some tips to make the changes in your life much more bearable.


  • Talk with family members and friends about the first time they became new parents. They can provide you with suggestions to make the transition much easier.
  • If you are uncomfortable speaking with your family or friends, you will find many online communities that provide support for first-time parents.
  • Let your spouse know how you are feeling. It is imperative that you are honest about anything and everything you are experiencing emotionally.
  • You can arrange an appointment with a therapist. They can assist you in dealing with your anxiety as a new parent.


If you notice, all of these suggestions have you speaking and connecting with others. Keeping yourself separated from everyone else causes depression and loneliness, which can have negative results. When new parenting has you feeling exhausted mentally and physically, get in touch with Philadelphia MFT to get back on the road to a better you!

Danielle Adinolfi, MFT is a practicing therapist at Philadelphia MFT. She received her Master's Degree in Couple and Family Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University with a concentration in Sex Therapy. Her areas of expertise include sexual trauma, anxiety, pre-marital counseling and systemic issues.

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