How Can Single Fathers Find Help in Raising Their Child Alone?

How Can Single Fathers Find Help in Raising Their Child Alone

As compared to previous generations, the current generation has seen an incredible increase in the number of single fathers. Back in the days, several single fathers could attain the title of singlehood as a result of a few grounds, which were mainly the death of a partner or divorce. As years progressed, divorce gained prominence among various couples and this increased the need for help for single fathers. Today, in the 21st century, cases of divorce and death are not the only causes of single fatherhood. But now there are various reasons for more single fathers-

First, let’s get to know what we mean by “a family”. Several definitions have been brought up but for our purpose here, we define it as the basic unit in a society consisting of two parents nurturing their children. A single parent is defined as a parent who exercises parenthood alone, without the support of the other parent. Even with the existence of other adults and children in a household, a parent is viewed as a single parent if he is not partnered with anyone else in the household. It is quite clear that we need help for single fathers, especially in today’s generation. More fathers are raising their children solely without the help of their partner. Sometimes, the best place for children is with their Dad. These come as a result of circumstances that cannot be avoided which may include;

  1. Death of the mother
  2. Irresponsibility of the mother
  3. Divorce
  4. Unintended pregnancy
  5. Single parent adoption

Single fathers need help too

Families headed by fathers are still covering a small percentage in the overall family percentage ranking. Help for single fathers is of important and much needed, just as much as help is needed for single mothers. There are frequent dreads among single fathers that if the children’s mother comes in, she’ll regain custody, so single, custodial fathers will often not follow up, or rather go after child support as much as single mothers would have done.

Help for single fathers can be achieved in various ways, which will in turn help their children too.

1. Community support groups for single dads

Various communities are of full support for single mothers in which they provide help for single moms. Our communities lack such groups. In fact, there are various situations where dads join the mothers support groups owing to the scarcity of existence of such dads groups.

It will really help single fathers if there were more such communities in the society.

2. Female mentors for their daughters and sons

Single fathers need mentors for their children, either male mentors or female mentors. Their daughters need women role models, whom they can look up to and inspire them. Same case applies to sons, who need relational models that only women can provide to them. As a single dad, search within your immediate circle of influence including neighbor, sisters, cousins, coworkers, etc. for women willing to devote a few hours in order to provide proper guidance from a female perspective.

3. Government & social-service programs for low-income dads

Help for single fathers will be achieved by making extensive use of government programs, which provide financial help for single parents.

4. Online resources

Much of what is available on the web is for single and married mothers than it is for single fathers. These resources often give an outline on raising children, challenges faced by single parents and many more tips which might be of help for single fathers. Fortunately, there are few resources online for single fathers for the benefit of their children.