10 Ways to Spot a Misogynist

10 Ways to Spot a Misogynist

We all are well aware who misogynists are. They may hide in plain sight. When they’re not identified they may cause trouble to you, directly or indirectly. Whilst the world is fighting for equal pay and equal right, these guys can act opposite and cause hindrance.

They can be in a monogamous relationship yet may not be truly into it. They always carry the feeling of being superior to women, which can lead them to be jealous on women’s success. It’s necessary that you identify them and take necessary measures.

Listed below are some of the easy ways to spot a misogynist. Hope it helps!

1. They stereotype women

A misogynist thinks that women can be either a saint or a sinner; which implies they could either be a virgin or otherwise.

Men sleeping around before getting in a serious relationship is fine but women who enjoy this liberty are not of a good character.

If your partner puts women in such categories, beware.

2. They consider themselves superior

Misogynists think they’re the superior ones and women are supposed to follow their orders. They have the habit of taking control of everything. Hence, if you see someone treating women like they own them, get the hint!

3. They play with emotions

There are multiple ways to spot a misogynist, one of which is to see how they’re defending themselves for the wrongdoings. It’s observed that they would play with your emotions to defend themselves. They won’t own up to their bad behaviors and would easily blame you for almost everything.

4. They are control freaks

A misogynist thinks he owns everything. They want to control everything around them. They may seem okay at the start but as time passes they show their true clours.

They would stop you from doing anything without their permission.

You literally will have to behave as if you owe your life to him. This will surely get difficult to live by and eventually may lead to a bad end of a relationship.

5. They try to keep you quiet

They try to keep you quiet

They are not in favor of women’s freedom. They think women are not smart or have any right to speak up or express themselves.

If your man interferes and tries to silence you, get a hint. It’s not right to stay with someone who’s that insensitive and arrogant.

6. They don’t value your time

It’s good to be punctual and on time. There are times when an individual gets late and that’s totally acceptable. However, if he keeps you waiting always, then it’s time you should think.

7. They treat people of different genders differently

We all demand equal respect and treatment, irrespective of the gender. Today, we are also fighting for equal pay and the movement is accelerating as we speak. However, when you’re looking for ways to spot a misogynist, look how are they treat women and men.

A misogynist would treat women badly and would give respect to men.

Even at your workplace, you can easily identify if a man treats you with the same kind of respect with which he treats male colleagues.

8. They make you feel feeble

They can never digest the fact that men and women are equal creation of the Almighty. They always believe that men are superior and women inferior. For misogynist, women are supposed to be ruled by men.

They believe in ensuring that women get this right and don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to demonstrating their power.

They would treat women around them badly and would pass on this message in the worst way possible.

9. They are extremely competitive

Healthy competition is fine in any relationship. However, misogynists take this further and make this a personal fight.

For them, winning is the only option if they’re competing against a woman.

They can go to any extent if they want to win the fictitious war. This often lead them to create bad image about women and they won’t shy away from sabotaging their reputation as well.

10. They are highly unreliable

They may claim to understand you and portray themselves as the most faithful person on the planet Earth, but they’re totally opposite of that.

They objectify women and use them only to get physical.

Even when in a monogamous relationship, they tend to cheat and would try to overpower women in bed. If you see your men trying to take control of you on bed or otherwise, make a smooth exit from the relationship.

In a relationship we want the significant other to understand us and respect us. However, not all men are the same and have similar personality traits. There are some who highly respect women and some treat them badly. Listed above are 10 ways to spot a misogynist before it’s too late.