Obtaining a Marriage License

obtaining copy of marriage license

Where you obtain the marriage license will vary from state to state. Most often, the parties will apply for their license at a county clerk’s office in the state they intend to marry (You can even check online). Depending upon the state, the parties may be required to apply in the specific town, city or county in which they will marry. Keep in mind that a common requirement is that both parties appear in person when applying.

Obtaining a copy of your marriage licence 

Be prepared to pay a fee when applying for the marriage license (usually due at the time of application). Review the application process to determine what the required fee is and the methods in which the fee can be paid. There is nothing worse than waiting in line for two hours to apply, only to find that your American Express isn’t an acceptable method of payment (and it is the only one that you have at that time).

Once you apply for the license, you may receive the license immediately and other times, may be required to wait a short period of time…even up to six days. If you are subject to the wait time and are wanting to get married before the end of the wait period, you can look into the local rules to see if there are exceptions that can reduce or waive the wait time.

Once you have the marriage license, it is important to know that they generally have expiration dates. Thus, if you wait too long to marry (after receiving the license), it may expire and you will have to reapply. This period is often between 60 to 90 days after the license is provided.

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