How Much Does a Marriage License Cost?

Marriage license cost

Just as laws vary from state to state, so do applications and fees associated with marriage licenses. In fact, the costs can vary significantly, typically ranging from as little as $10 to as much as $115.

Marriage license cost can range from $10 in Colorado to $60 in Hawaii to even $100 in Minnesota.

The variation in cost is based on county, city and residential status. Completion of a premarital counseling or education course is also a determining factor in some cases. The fee should cover application processing and at least one copy of the marriage license.

In light of these differences, there are some states that have standard statewide fees. These include:  

State Cost of License
Alaska $60.00
Arizona $76.00
Arkansas $60.00
Colorado $30.00
Connecticut $30.00
Delaware $50.00 (if one person is a state resident) and $100 (if neither is a resident)
District of Columbia $45.00
Florida $93.50
Hawaii $65.00 (includes admin cost)
Indiana $18.00 (in-state residents) and $60.00 (out-of-state residents)
Iowa $35.00
Kansas $85.50
Kentucky $35.50
Maine $40.00
Michigan $20.00 (residents of the state) and $30.00 (non-residents)
Minnesota $40.00 (with Premarital Education) and $115.00 (without)
Minnesota $40.00 (with Premarital Education) and $115.00 (without)
Montana $53.00
Nebraska $15.00
New Hampshire $50.00
New Jersey $28.00
New Mexico $25.00
New York $40.00 (New York City $35.00)
North Carolina $60.00
North Dakota $65.00
Oklahoma $5.00 (with premarital counseling) and $50 (without)
Oregon $60.00
Rhode Island $24.00
South Dakota $40.00
Vermont $45.00
West Virginia $56.00
Wyoming $30.00

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