Confidential Marriage Licenses Application & Requirements

Confidential marriage license

What is a confidential marriage license? There are times when a couple want to keep their lives and activities off the radar. When this is the desire of the couple and when in California, they may be able to obtain a confidential marriage.

Unlike a public marriage license, those seeking a confidential marriage may apply for a confidential marriage license.

The requirements are similar to those of a public marriage license, with a few common exceptions:

  • Some jurisdictions only recognize the marriage if the ceremony occurs in the same jurisdiction.
  • The couple must attest that they have been living together as husband and wife (not as roommates).
  • The fee for the license is often more than a public marriage license.

Also, both spouses will usually be required to provide the following information in addition to documents proving their identity and residence.

Here are the application requirements to get a confidential marriage license:

  • Address(es)
  • Full Name (including birth name if different)
  • Date of Birth
  • State and/or Country of Birth
  • Parent’s Full names at Birth only (not necessarily their current)
  • Parent’s State and/or Country of Birth
  • Number of previous marriages and how and when the most recent was terminated
  • Place and date of your wedding ceremony
  • If applicable, documentation proving legal divorce is the marriage is less than 2 years before the date of the new marriage.

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