What is Love? – the Emotion of Life

What is Love

What is love? This is a question that makes people anxious. It’s, in some way, the most important question in life.

We meet many people in life. Some may be weird and some may be funny or having good humor to whom you have an understanding with and be friends with. This question that what is love arises from the thought of liking or getting interested in something or someone.

When you start getting interested in somebody or something, you actually feel like questioning yourself as is this simply liking or am I in love?

So, love is basically one of the most profound emotions that human experiences. Love is the emotion of life. Love is a strong feeling of affection. It is having a great interest or pleasure in something.

Love is the combination of attraction and closeness. The person to whom we feel attraction or closeness is the person to whom we are, usually, in love with.

Such a person can be a friend, parents, siblings or other relations even your animals. Such love is based on the feeling of attraction or affection.

Some intended meanings of love

These intended meanings will help you to know all the positive effects of Love on you and your life. It also shows what you need to do for true love.

Formation of Love

L_ Loyalty,   O_ Optimism,   V_ Value,   E_ Energy

Formation of happiness

H_ Honesty,   A_ Ability, P_ Prosperity, P_ Positivity, I_ Intellectuality, N_ Nobility,

E_ Enormity,   S_ Security,   S_ Sensitivity

Love is unconditional

Love is unconditional, which means that there are no limited expectations or boundaries set to love.  

Love triangle theory

Triangle theory of love explains the important forms of love. This theory consists of the components of love as follows:

There are three components of love; intimacy, passion, and commitment.

  • Intimacy:

Intimacy is the feeling of affection, bonding, closeness, and connectedness

  • Passion:

Passion is related to sexual attraction.

  • Commitment:

Commitment is the conscious decision to stick together for a long time.

Love is some involuntary feeling

Love is some involuntary feeling

Sometimes, love truly does strike like a bolt of lightning to the chest when you aren’t prepared for it. The victim spend nights tossing and turning in an attempt to understand what it? Love is inherently independent.

Signs of true love

  • Give and take in love
  • Pure happiness
  • Pain and anger
  • You make sacrifices for their happiness or well being even if they may not realize it
  • The right effort
  • You can’t hurt them
  • You keep your promises
  • When you truly love your partner, you see them as part of your life and your future
  • Sometimes you expect something extraordinary from them

Specialty of love

The tricky thing about love is you feel it in a variety of different states. It is some kind of a specialty of love.

When you’re happy, sad, angry, confused or excited, you just feel the love in some way. You either talk to the special one or imagine them to be with you in that happiness or sorrow.

Attitudes about love can range from affectionate love to infatuation and pleasure. Love is the force of human nature that human often use as an action, or power to keep the relationships with partners, or friends and family, together.

Importance of love

  • It satisfies the human emotions
  • It is responsible for the existence and maintenance of society
  • It brings a positive source of energy in your life
  • It can beat sadness, pain, anger, and revenge
  • It promotes happiness, satisfaction, and comfort