The Relationship House of Love

The Relationship House of Love

There is a house that sits firmly on a strong foundation. That foundation is love. This love is built, over time and contains the fondest of memories.  The first attraction, the first kiss, meeting the families, enjoying a quiet dinner together, touches, smiles, eyes that shine at the sight of the other, birth of the child, special activities and so much more. When things get tough, as they will, this love is where the couple must focus. They must look to the memories and the love foundation that is strong and getting stronger each year.  Then there are the bricks and mortar of the house.  They are loyalty, commitment, unconditional love, respect, honour, trust, and always being there for each other.  If any of the buildings bricks get cracked then, just like in a house structure, the marital relationship weakens.  The crack must be repaired and sometimes that is a big job and sometimes not so much.  

Make the house your priority

Above this awesome house is a cloud.  It represents romantic love.  This love comes and goes, just like a cloud.  Sometimes it is intense as the rain pours down and sometimes it is just a glow of brilliance as the sun shines through it.  Romance must be kept alive between two people or it disappears.  Keep the house is in great repair, make it the number one priority in life and the people who make up this house will be happy, secure and they will dream together!

When first in a relationship people usually spend as much time together as possible, looking forward to the weekend to be constantly together.  After marriage, life’s responsibilities take over and quality time together may wane.  Date nights become extremely important and couples need to focus on this being quality time, not just time together.  The phone’s, job tasks and life in general must be put on hold for the evening that you have dedicated to your spouse.  This is time to enjoy each other, just like when you were dating.  Dating must never end.  As children come into the picture, more time management is needed to have time together.  Sometimes this is hard, because if extended family isn’t nearby, then babysitters need to be hired.  Remember, however, that time together doesn’t need to cost money.  A walk in the park, window shopping, or other activities together are great.  As years go by, you will look back on these memories with joy.  So just remember, to make great memories together.

Romantic love keeps the relationship beautiful

Remember the cloud in the sky, called romantic love?  This is the fire that keeps the relationship beautiful.  Little heartfelt gifts, preparing a special meal for the other, candlelit times, running a hot bath,  a special card, a love note or letter,  saying ‘I love you’ when least expected, snuggling by the fireplace when the kids are in bed – use your imagination.  

As 2017 is approaching, include your spouse and family as you make your New Year’s resolutions.  Keep romantic love and spending time together high on the list.  Make the Relationship House of Love, your spouse, the priority.  Make great memories, love each other with a heart that is overflowing with love, as you enjoy each other.

Eva has an experience of over 25 years in clinical counseling and coaching. She helps people with problems such as anxiety, grief, relationship problems, divorce, depression and effects of abusive behavior. She is also a deserve coach and is dedicated to support people with finding happiness, opportunities and success in their lives. She practices clinical counseling in her own counseling and coaching center, Make Life Happen. Apart from helping people Eva likes to listen to music and spend time with her family and friends.

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