5 Reasons Why Men Cheat and Lie

Why men cheat and lie

Image Courtesy: Science of Relationships


Why do men cheat? What makes them completely forget their partners? Is it just for sex? We examine 5 real reasons why men (married and otherwise) cheat and lie.


Reason # 1: Men cheat because they are emotionally dissatisfied  

Most women think that cheating, for men, is all about the sex. But that, in fact, is far from the truth. In most cases, he’s cheating to fill an emotional void. Remember that men are emotionally-driven beings too. They feel the need to be appreciated and deeply desire that their women understand how hard they try to get things done. But, since they are absolutely incapable of articulating this fact and voicing their feelings, women think that they don’t need repeated affirmations.


What you can do: Create a culture of appreciation and thoughtfulness; make him feel valued. Focus on making your relationship more loving and connected. Make sure you give your man enough reasons to keep you at the front of his mind – always!


Reason #2: Men cheat because they have friends who’ve cheated

Spending time in the company of friends who’ve cheated in the past makes it look like it’s a normal thing for a guy to do. It legitimates infidelity as an acceptable possibility. It’s hard for a woman to tell her man to stop seeing certain friends. But bear in mind that it is easy for people to get influenced. Even if you think your man happens to be someone of great values, his friend’s actions are likely to create an impression on him.


What can you do:  Encourage your husband or boyfriend to spend more time at a restaurant or a sporting event rather than a bar or a club. Build a circle around close friends who have the same strong values as you about marriage.


Reason #3: Men cheat because their libido needs a boost

You know how it is at the beginning of a relationship. You both simply can’t get enough of each other. In time however, things change and you both start to feel all comfortable (which is a good thing actually). But the frizz may be lost and men may start to crave that same newness again….which is what may lead to them finding it elsewhere!


What you can do: Create intimacy. Make time for sex every week no matter how busy you may be. Try new things in the bedroom and encourage spontaneity from time to time.


Reason #4: Men cheat to get back at their wives

It’s a common mistake to think that only men cheat. Women do too. If discovered, men may cheat to take revenge from them – by having multiple relationships themselves. As convoluted as it may be, this is mostly done by men who do not or cannot forgive their wives – yet still want to stay in the marriage.


What you can do: If there is a history of cheating between the two of you, the mature way of handling it is to discuss the problems at hand and come to a solution you both can stick with. If either of the spouse turn to such tactics to hurt the other, then clearly professional help is needed to heal the relationship. Seek counseling but if that too does not help and the cheating continues, then you may seriously want to consider leaving such a vicious marriage.


Reason #5: Men cheat to get out of their marriages

Some men willfully commit adulterous acts to use it as a means to get out of their marriages. After all, the law also considers adultery as a fair reason for a woman to seek a divorce. The man cheats openly and for him, his relationship with his wife is already over. Cheating is just a means to fulfill an end.


What you can do: End the marriage. Accept that the relationship is over and move on.


People always say men cheat because they can. Yes, that freedom exists. A man can. And by and large, infidelity is remarkably easy to hide as well. But do they want to? Would any guy, who wants to be in a loving committed relationship, do this? The truth is he can – if there’s a void, especially an emotional one, in his relationship.


Cultivate a deeper bond, friendship and love with your spouse or boyfriend. No man in his right man would want to ruin a relationship that offers him all this and more.