What Happens When Youth Age out of Foster Care

What Happens When Youth Age out of Foster Care

Many youths who age out of foster care are faced with tons of problems. From health issues, unemployment, poor educational results, and homelessness, the problems are endless. Incarceration can as well lead many youths to age out of foster care. This content will help you discover the main problems age out of foster care may cause to youths.

1. Employment:

The percentage of youths who get employment opportunity after aging out from care is low. While few of these youths try to get a job, the pay may be lesser than nine dollars per hour. This implies that the financial status of these youths is poor. Even few youths who struggle to work for pay may not be able to fulfill their rent obligation. With food and other important items to buy, the frustration may escalate to a point of no return.

2. Education:

Under local, state and federal laws all children have access to education services. The truth is that the type of education system that a foster care youth needs may not be available. It means that these youths will become adults without adequate education status. Most youth aging out of foster care get an education as high as a GED or school diploma. Without attaining a college status, youth aging out of care may find it difficult to get a good job.

3. Healthcare:

There is always lack of health services for youth aging out of care. This may lead to mental health complications facing these youths. In fact, youth aging out of foster care may not be able to meet their hospital bills. The trauma and stress that these youths encounter may lead to death or severe health issues. It is difficult to find a reasonable percentage of adults aging out of care to get good health services.

4. Homelessness and housing:

For youths who age out foster care, housing remains one of the most troubling problems. These youths earn as little as their education status dictates. For this reason, it will be hard to get a good accommodation. Since the cost of housing is not equal to what a foster youth earns, homelessness will drive in fast. The rate of young people aging out of care is beyond anticipations. While some of these youths may manage to get a stable housing facility while others end up suffering more. The stream of homelessness and poor housing may lead these youths to the part of destruction. For instance, hanging out with the wrong set of people may jeopardize their lifestyle. In fact, it will make a youth aging out of foster care system to practice idle things.


The trauma and stress that young people aging out of foster care encounter is endless. It is a good idea for parents and guardians to support adults before they leave home. The government should also help in reducing the high level of homelessness on the street. With these simple solutions, youth aging out of foster care will also enjoy a good life.

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