Managing a Packed Family Calendar

Managing family calendar

In our busy age, one of the hardest things can be keeping track of all of your family’s plans. Between work, school, social events and holidays, many family schedules are packed. If you are separated or divorced, custody time to the mix, which can complicate the schedule even more. However, taking a few steps and staying dedicated to your calendar can trim this monumental task down to a reasonable size.

  • Plan Ahead

When the year starts, layout as much as you can. School, holidays, vacations, and for separated parents, custody times are fairly predictable, and this allows you to have some idea what the year will look like. You can always adjust your calendar as things change.  The more you write down beforehand, the more prepared you will be for making new plans.

  • Leave breathing room

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, everyone needs time to recuperate from a busy schedule. When you have a family, you also need to pay attention to the needs of every member. Some kids do really well on a busy schedule while others will find it exhausting. Plan in some time for resting, as well as time for the random things that you can’t predict or don’t think of like fixing a leak or cleaning out the fridge. Also, it’s good to sometimes decline invitations to events or social outings, especially if your calendar is already getting pretty full. Limit the things that you and your children sign up for so that you will have time to rest and to make spontaneous plans. Be particularly careful about things that will be recurring because if you start to feel burnout, getting out of these commitments may be difficult. On the other hand, if you schedule too many one-time activities, you can think about canceling one or two and be more careful to not over-schedule yourself next time.

  • Look at it every day

Take time to look over your calendar a couple times a day. This way you will be more familiar with your schedule, and less likely to forget something and double-book yourself. If you have double-booked yourself, knowing this sooner than later will allow you more time to adjust your plans. Just take a moment or two to review it, get an idea of what you are doing throughout the day and week, and make sure that it isn’t too full.

  • Find the right calendar for you

A traditional paper calendar usually isn’t enough these days. They often don’t have enough room to note all of the details you need to know about your schedule, and they are hard to share with others. An online calendar can give you an easy way to organize and share what you are doing while also allowing others to make additions to it, too. This is particularly helpful when you are parenting across two homes.

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