How to Find Best Domestic Violence Lawyer

How to Find Best Domestic Violence Lawyer

Most lawyers who have practices will have worked with a client who has been involved with some form of domestic violence. Often these cases involve assisting a client in obtaining a civil order of protection or non-contact order against an abusive partner. In other cases, a lawyer may represent an abused client in seeking civil damages against an abuser for harm caused by physical violence, psychological abuse, or intentional damage to property.

However, it is important to note that most lawyers are capable of competently handling a domestic violence related case; however certain complicated cases may require someone with both the ability to not only provide legal representation but also to guide their client to social service and other support resources that specialize in helping victims of domestic violence.

Resources for how to find best lawyers for domestic violence:

1. Start by conducting an internet search 

There may not be a local lawyer experienced in this area, which may require you to search for someone in your greater metropolitan area or in another county. Online resources that provide directories for lawyers or the local or state bar association offer an excellent resource. Lastly, local anti-domestic violence organizations or groups that provide support for abused women can often serve as an excellent resource as they will likely have working relationships with local lawyers who handle domestic violence cases.

2. Call the firm and ask questions

Upon selecting a shortlist of firms to contact, it is a good idea for individuals to call the firm and ask questions. In the event the firm is unable to assist you with your case, they may be able to refer to someone who can aid. Ultimately finding the right fit is often a process of trial and error, which can be carried out quickly when using the wealth of online resources available to legal consumers.  Although some cases may require a quick response, it is also important to make sure the person you hire will be the right fit  

3. Hire a skilled and experience domestic violence attorney

If you are victim of domestic violence, it is important to hire a domestic abuse lawyer experienced in representing victims of domestic violence. A skilled domestic violence attorney can help, explain the rights you may have and how to best protect yourself from an abusive partner or family member.

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