Signs of Mental Abuse: How to Recognize It

Signs of Mental Abuse

You don’t need to be in a relationship or married to experience abuse from someone. Coworkers, family, friends, all of them can show signs of mental abuse or be abusive towards you, and you should be careful not to let them.

Here are the five most common mental abuse symptoms:

Passive aggression

Abusive people love the passive aggressive game. Perfect for work, common at home, this behavior is one of the most used ones.

When a person is passive aggressive it means that you will never get a confrontation. No constructive arguments, and you will never fight, but, at the same time, you will always have trouble getting things done. If it is about work, some papers will always be missing, and you will be responsible for losing them when the boss calls the meeting, and at home, your favorite activity will never be possible for some reason. If you love Sunday night football, the abusive wife will always need you for something exactly at that time.


Jealousy shouldn’t be taken just as a couple’s problem. It is a very common case in work offices, schools, and among family members. When people feel jealous, they can portray their feelings in many ways. Looking down upon your work, acting possessive, humiliating you and similar behavior can be expected.

Feeling some jealousy every now and then is not something to be concerned about but when it gets out of hand and the person feeling it does something too extreme to sabotage the person they are jealous of, it’s a sign to be concerned about. Extreme jealousy is a serious mental abuse symptom.


If you have a problem with a person who is always trying to control you, then you are with an abusive person. They will always try to tell you what to do which doesn’t even make sense sometimes. Things must be done the way they want and all your actions must be in accordance with their needs and plans. Being controlled all the time is exhausting and should be stopped right away.

Bad temper

Some people are very hard to please.  We say they are bad-tempered when they get angry very fast and it’s very hard to find a way to make them feel satisfied. If you live with such a person or have to spend a lot of time during the day, you will become frustrated and exhausted of always trying to meet their never-ending demands. If the behavior is accompanied by arguing, yelling and obsessive need of making things right even though nothing’s wrong, then you suffer abuse.


We all follow some sort of a pattern. We expect other people to have certain patterns too so we can decide whether we like them or not. Sometimes, however, people have an unpredictable way of acting and communicating with you. Once they are sweet, kind and friendly, but very fast they can turn into demanding, hostile and unreasonable. For people you meet for the first time, it’s no big deal, but if you have to live with this kind of person then it’s a real hell.

Acting out of character very frequently is a characteristic trait of a mental abuser. If your partner is unpredictable to a very high extent this can definitely be called as a mental abuse symptom.

Verbal abuse

Maybe the most common and the worst of them all. Verbal abuse is something no person should tolerate, no matter if it’s marriage or any kind of relationship in question. The abuse might be obvious when a person swears, make threats, order, judge, criticize, but it can be also in a more subtle form such as sarcasm, joking, or playing games that are abusive. This is why some people are not even aware they are being abused.

However, tolerating abusers can become a real problem which later might need to be treated with therapy and specialized counseling.


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