Using Web Resources to Better Manage Divorce Communication

Manage Divorce Communication

In co-parenting, there are many difficulties. One of the difficulties that people often don’t anticipate is keeping track of and sharing information. Each parent’s work schedule, doctor’s appointments, plans with family, even vaccinations, all need to be documented and shared. It can quickly become a tangled mess that is hard enough to keep track of in your own home; let alone share with another person.


The good news is that the internet has provided a much simpler, more organized solution than the massive amount of papers that previous co-parents had to deal with. As time passes, online parenting tools only get more secure, efficient, and easy to use. There are many co-parenting tools currently available, but the trick is finding the right ones, the good ones. Tools such as the ones offered by the OurFamilyWizard website offer many advantages.

  • Your information is secure

There is nothing more important than making sure that your child’s information is available to only those you want to share it with. Apps like OurFamilyWizard make this easy by allowing you to change the settings on who you want to share any file with, allowing you to keep some files completely private.
It also logs out automatically after a period of inactivity and requires you to log in every time. This, plus notifications that only say what type of information is new, prevent anyone, from a third party to your children, from discovering anything you don’t want them to have.

  • It can be used as a medium of conversation

Communication can be difficult between two divorcees, but messages sent through the internet are often less likely to raise arguments than talking in person. This also allows any arguments that happen, to happen away from the children. OurFamilyWizard allows you to give access to a third party, such as an attorney or counselor, which can help ease communication.

  • Everything is documented

While text messages can be deleted, and who even knows how to document a phone call, it can be difficult to share information with your attorney, though they will often ask for it. Apps like OurFamilyWizard save, document, and timestamp everything that is said or uploaded onto the app, making who did or said something easy to keep track of.

  • It is convenient

Because the app is online and can be downloaded to your mobile phone, you can access or upload your information anywhere, and quickly. No rifling through file folders. Notifications are often used to update you on new information that the other co-parent has uploaded.
There are lots of tools available, and just like with anything else, there are good ones and bad ones. Do your research before choosing one, as you will be uploading very sensitive information onto them. The co-parenting tools made by the OurFamilyWizard website are tested and proven, and have even been court ordered by judges in most of the states. Make sure that you child’s information is safe while making things easier on you, by choosing the right co-parenting tool.

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