Relationship Advice After Divorce

Relationship Advice After Divorce

Your divorce got finalized and you are now in a new relationship. You don’t complain but you feel kind of lost. Don’t panic, it’s all good if you feel good, but for those sorrow moments, here is a piece of advice on how to deal with it:

1. Love your new life and your new self

Don’t blame yourself for the things in the past and especially about the divorce that is behind you. Old doors close for a reason and new ones are about to open ahead.

Never think of your old self, that person doesn’t exist anymore. Look deep in your mind and soul and see what person you have become, the new You is surely wiser and knows what’s best at the moment. No one gets divorced without a reason, so be sure to know that your life now is much better than before and that you deserve to be happy.

2. Never compare your current with your ex

There is an unwritten rule that every new person in your life is better than the old one. Sure, all people have good and bad sides about them, but in time you learn what you can’t stand and what is tolerable in partners so you look for a partner who is closer to your needs. Even if you don’t feel like it, your sub consciousness will avoid characters that you learned you don’t like and get into action with people that you like more.

3. Don’t think your kids don’t want you happy

If you have children, you’ll think that they are a burden you have to carry while dating. They most certainly are not a burden. Children are adaptable, they don’t realize the grownups situations and problems but will obey to everything you ask them.

Find a good nanny and enjoy life because happy parents mean happy children.

4. No one’s perfect, don’t get disappointed in yourself

If you get on a bumpy road in your new relationship, remember that no one is perfect. Be smart to end it before it turns more serious and don’t get disappointed in yourself if it doesn’t work out. Some birds are not meant to fly, but it also doesn’t mean you are that bird. Keep searching and never settle down unless it’s the best you can find.

5. Learn from your previous mistakes

Like I said, no one’s perfect, and that means neither are you. Remember what your previous partner used to complain about and try to become a better person by changing that. If you were always late, try to be punctual. If you were leaving socks all over the house, try to pick them up yourself. Work on yourself and become a better person for your partner, and surely you will get back what you deserve.  

6. Don’t be afraid

Actually, this is the best piece of advice you can get on almost every subject in life. Fear is imaginary and there is no logical way to justify it. Of course, unless you see a tiger crossing a street, but when it comes to relationships and partners, don’t be afraid to commit and dream for the future if that is what you want.

Life is full of surprises, both happy and sad. We feel joy and disappointment until the very last day of our lives, so be sure that the line will never be flat, it will go up and down, but that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. Be brave and have some fun.

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