Divorce Advice and Counseling

Untying the Knot: Legal Separation vs Divorce

Marriage requires time, commitment, and energy to prepare for. It’s a time where couples strive to take their relationship to …

By Sylvia Smith

4  min read

Is Divorce Always the Answer?

  Many couples get divorced today for various reasons. Some of these I consider flimsy, in my opinion, as these …

By Valerie Anne Davis

Counselor, ADHD| 3  min read

Writing The Story of My Divorce

It was raining, which was good. The windy downpour blew through the parking lot of the YMCA where my son …

By Liz Verna

Licensed Art Therapist & Write Fighter, ATR, LCAT| 4  min read

Top 3 Ways Men Can Cope with “I Want a Divorce”

Remember when you first got married, how happy and excited you were, how mesmerized you were with your wife, you …

By LaWanda N Evans

Professional Counselor, LPC, NCC| 3  min read

Stages of Divorce: What Do Individuals Really Go Through?

In many ways divorce is like going through the death of a loved one, involving loss and grief. It changes …

By Dr. Corinne Scholtz

Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT| 9  min read

The Big Divide: When is it Time to Divorce?

Relationships are funny. Who we lust after in the beginning is not always a good match for us in the …

By Crystal Rice

Counselor, LGSW| 4  min read

3 Tips on How to Avoid a Divorce

Amidst all the marital conflict, do you find yourself asking, should I get a divorce and then as an afterthought, you …

By Denise Limongello

Registered Psychotherapist, LMSW| 4  min read

Understanding the Emotional Stages of Divorce

Divorce, like any other traumatic event, can require sufficient grieving before an individual can arrive at feeling resolved and healed. …

By Denise Limongello

Registered Psychotherapist, LMSW| 2  min read

7 Reasons Why People Get Divorced

Most people who get married do not ever want to get divorced. They go into their marriage with the highest …

By Gail Desilets

Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT| 3  min read

Help! My Wife Wants a Divorce

If ever faced with the question of, “How can I save my marriage when my spouse wants a divorce?” know …

By Sylvia Smith

5  min read

My Husband Wants a Divorce, How Do I Stop Him

My husband wants a divorce, go on, say the words, my husband wants a divorce. Coming to terms with reality …

By Sylvia Smith

5  min read

Divorce in the Bible: What the Scriptures Say

Everyone who has read the bible is aware that marriage is a lifetime commitment. Man and wife become one until …

By Sylvia Smith

4  min read

Avoiding Battle in a Divorce

While there are lots of difficulties in a divorce and plenty of hurt, there are ways of lessening the pain …

By Our Family Wizard

Marriage & Family Therapist, Experts| 3  min read

Enlisting a Financial Professional to Assist in a Divorce

Along with all of problems and decisions that a divorce case brings, the financial ones often cause some of the …

By Our Family Wizard

Marriage & Family Therapist, Experts| 2  min read

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