Family Divorce Counseling: How to Make it Through Tough Times

Family Divorce Counseling

Every year there are more than two million marriages in the United States. Almost half of them end up in divorce which means that every year there are nearly a million divorces at the same time. If you are one of those families that need to go through this process, make sure you see a therapist for family divorce counseling.

1. Be aware of the problem

Don’t pretend you don’t see the elephant in the room. If there is a problem, and you can resolve it whatever that problem is. Pretending that nothing is happening will only build tension in your home and lead to more serious damage later. Talk to your children if they are old enough to understand the situation, but also talk to your partner like this problem is workable. After all, it’s a divorce and it’s a thing people resort to when things don’t work out.

2. Don’t miss counseling

Counseling is like antibiotics, you must take them on-time and regularly too. The therapist will hold the situation under control and will help you and the family cope up with the hard times. If you don’t miss the schedules, you will feel better and will handle everyday tasks more easily.

3. Follow procedure

In therapy, you will have lots of discussions. Thee could be between you and your spouse, you and the therapist, the therapist and your spouse. You will listen and learn about yourself from others, and you will express your own feelings and thoughts about them. That way the therapist will have a clear picture of your situation and will tell you what is best to be done at the moment. Follow that procedure and trust his methods, this is very important.

4. Don’t argue in front of the kids

Sometimes we just can’t hold it to ourselves. We have to say something or express our anger. We need a fight. That’s ok, it’s normal, we are just humans, but remember that you are not alone in the house and other members might get hurt by your actions.

Make sure your children are not around. Put them to bed, take them to your mother’s house or go to the other room, but be sure that they are not around. Children of all ages learn how to act later in life by seeing how their parents act, so if they see their parents angry, abusive and aggressive on regular basis, they will think that that’s a normal way of communication. You don’t want to teach your kids that fighting is normal, right?

5. Hold hopes for the future

A divorce is not the end of the world. Who knows about the future, you might not get divorced at all. You haven’t signed the papers, you didn’t gain or lose your kids’ custody, so be happy with what you have in the moment and never lose hope. No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow, but one thing you can be sure of, is that you will be happy again and will get to that place you have always dreamt of.  

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