Divorcing a Narcissist? 5 Things to Consider

Narcissistic Marriage and Divorce

The promise to stay together for eternity is always hard to break no matter how long you have been with your partner. Divorce cases are difficult to cope up with. Your whole life is in the hands of that unknown judge in the courtroom full of strange faces.

That’s is a reason why many people go for settlements and negotiations rather than filing a case in the court. At present, 50% of the marriages end up in divorce in the US.

Accusations and disagreements are what causes a couple to become weaker every day. Though things get a little trickier and complex when you are battling with a narcissistic partner.

Before you get to any conclusion about your partner, it is best to go through the prominent symptoms and traits of narcissistic personality.

The cases of narcissism marriage and divorce usually end up in a courtroom, as there is a little room for any sort of negotiation or settlement.

Having a different temperament and an extreme fondness for oneself, the narcissists are self-centered, and they never find any flaw in their own acts and decisions. So, when walking to the courtroom, there are things you must be aware of that can keep you sane throughout your divorce trials. Read on!

1. They will battle to win

Despite all the misunderstandings and disappointments, one has with their partner; he tends to find a peaceful way to end up things.

But with a narcissist it’s more like a battle or a war scene in which he has to succeed, no matter what.

A narcissist will try to prove himself as the real victim and will not follow any order for negotiation.

They will try to mold the truth or use it as an option. They will chase your questions and demands and will shape the story in such a way that he can gather the sympathies, making you the real culprit.

2. A game player

Narcissists are cunning and sharp. In a narcissist’s relationship pattern, they love to keep themselves dominant while keeping their partners off balance. Malkin, the author of Rethinking Narcissism, stated-

“This is especially dangerous when your narcissistic ex is the extroverted, charming type with lots of money to burn.”

With his self-centered shrewdness, he will try to change the game of the court and will bring such accusations that can add your negative points, thus weakening your case with a bucket full of lies.

He can even accuse you of being a neglecting and careless parent, so be prepared!

3. Shatter you emotionally

Divorce trials are stressful and upsetting, but a trial against a narcissist partner is especially depressing and heartbreaking

Divorce trials are stressful and upsetting, but a trial against a narcissist partner is especially depressing and heartbreaking.

You may only wish to take them out of your life and to get things you deserve but they, on the other hand, will strive to break you down emotionally and you make you feel little.

You will not believe that it is the same person with whom you have been sharing your life for years. You will find a completely different version of them- a version which is hungry for the trophy- the divorce trophy!

You must keep yourself sane and compose throughout the trails as it is going to be a rough game.

4. They want to feel the powerful

Lust for power resides in the narcissist. They want to feel dominant and desire to get all of the attention of their partner or of any other person who is important to them right at that moment.

Same happens in the narcissism marriage and divorce; they will use all their power to turn the tables and to let the case fall on their side.

They will not care about who is getting hurt in this long session of tug of war.

5. Don’t fall for their hollow promises again

Once the narcissist realizes that despite using all his power he is on the verge to lose the case, they will change their stance.

They will act as the most humble caring and loving partner and will try to convince you to rethink your decision of annulment. Don’t trust their kindness.

Keep your eyes open and put aside your emotions. Your vulnerabilities will drag you down to continue living the torturing life you have been experiencing. It’s time for you to breathe in the fresh air and to know that there are people who are full of devotion and who can be trusted.

This one every moment when they are their weakest and tries to hijack your mind by clouding them with emotional vows, it’s time for you to get up and walk towards a better life!