5 Useful Tips If You Are Divorcing a Narcissist Husband

Useful Tips If You Are Divorcing a Narcissist Husband

You’ve made a mistake getting married to a narcissist man, you’re probably feeling unloved or unwanted in your relationship. You don’t communicate effectively with your partner, your narcissistic husband takes no responsibility for his action, he feels superior in the marriage, he is always right and never wrong and he is always pretending to be who he is not.

You are thinking of how you can save the marriage, but to be honest, your marriage is beyond repair. The only viable thing to do is to file a divorce. Yes, as weird as it sounds, divorce is the best option for you.

Most people understandably, will do almost anything to avoid litigation for any number of reasons, including the financial cost, the loss of privacy, the inevitable calcification of antagonism between you and your partner, the pain it causes children and other family members, and the terror of putting your entire life in the hands of a complete stranger, sitting on a bench at the front of a courtroom.

But it has to be done one way or another, so here are some essential tips you need to get over your divorce with a narcissist.

1. Don’t expect to be believed in court

Definitely, in court, there are various tricks your spouse can use against you. Number one is making you and your friends doubt what you are saying.

But you have to stand your ground and try to make things clear, I will advise you to have a friend that believes everything about the circumstance by your side. Narcissists enjoy instigating you into giving a reaction, so it’s best you restrain your urge to retaliate or react impulsively to what a narcissist says and does.

2. The judge will treat you and your narcissist equally

The courtroom is for equality and justice.

The judge will treat you and your narcissist equally, the judge won’t see the narcissist’s bullshit. The judge will not consider the fact that he has been maltreating you for several months or years, the judge will not see the lies he told or the way he has been to you in the past. The best thing to do is to be ready for any surprises. Have your facts and details right.

Don’t assume, the judge will favor you for a reason or the other. Get prepared.

3. Minimize communication

Engaging in daily battles with your spouse will definitely drain your energy

Definitely, your spouse will want to do anything to alter the divorce process. This includes meeting you and trying to “persuade” you not to go ahead with the divorce. He might even start “promising” you that he will change.

But all are deceits.

Engaging in daily battles with your spouse will definitely drain your energy and it will keep you from making forward progress on the stuff that really matters to you. To win this battle, you need to cut off any form of communication with him. You should delete his contact, block him on all your social media accounts.

This is because blocking him eliminates all forms of verbal confrontations every time you see your spouse.

4. Set boundaries and stick to them

To get over any form of divorce, setting limits or boundaries are essential. There are things you should restrict yourself from doing and there are actions you need to take if the boundaries are crossed.

The best way to avoid being a pawn in his game is, to set firm boundaries.

Also, stick to the boundaries, let your “No” be “No”. To get over the divorce with your narcissist husband, you need to do more than setting standards but by sticking to them.

5. Document everything

As I said earlier, narcissists are the best at mind games. He will do things that will make you doubt your own sanity. He can manipulate the facts you have against him. The best way to fight his manipulation skills is to make sure you document every occurrence with your narcissist husband.

Remember, you are going to be experiencing nothing but turmoil and problems while married to a narcissist man.  Your narcissist husband doesn’t want to lose the divorce case to you. Follow these useful tips for how you can win when divorcing a narcissist husband and put an end to your misery, so you can start afresh.

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