How To Find the Best Divorce Attorney

How To Find the Best Divorce Attorney

Couples are often angry when they are getting divorced, but they may not know exactly where to turn.  Getting married is kind of easy when you think about it. You get a certificate and say some vows and you are then legally bound together.  Married couples often do not recognize the complicated legal relationship they are in, and if they want out they usually want the best divorce attorney possible.  

The most expensive may not be best

Unfortunately, many couples wind up with few assets to divide at divorce.  If you are simply trying to separate from your spouse at the lowest cost possible, then you probably do not need an experienced courtroom brawler.  In fact, many of the best divorce attorneys have some training in family counseling and therapy. This allows them to help make the divorce process as painless as possible.  

A lawyer can keep fees low by allowing parties to work things out among themselves as much as possible.  For example, if a couple needs to split up their assets it may be best for the couple to negotiate their split and then let each spouse have the agreement reviewed by that spouse’s lawyer.  Working things out that way will be way cheaper than having two lawyers go toe to toe over every penny. Of course, if you are talking about a multimillion-dollar estate then you might want a courtroom brawler after all.  

There is also often a great benefit in finding someone that works with a specific type of client.  For example, a lawyer may prefer to work with professional women, parents with small children, or small business owners.  Often people with similar backgrounds will face similar issues.

Flat fees are becoming more common

Most people have dealt with fear when hiring a professional.  Maybe you dropped your car off at the mechanic and wondered if you would be able to afford to pick it up again.  Or perhaps you called a plumber over to fix a leak and felt like he gouged you because you had no alternatives. Lawyers can be even worse, because a divorce that seems very simple can easily spiral into a devastating legal bill.  The common denominator in all these situations is that the professional is usually billing by the hour, and that makes it hard to estimate the final cost. More lawyers are willing to work for a flat fee now, though, and you should think about taking that avenue to cap your costs.  

Flat fees are becoming more common

Get some free consultations to hire the best lawyer

Many of the best divorce attorneys provide free consultations to potential clients.  That means they will sit and listen to your explain your situation at no cost. Then they will typically give you some very basic advice about your situation and an estimate of how much their services will cost.  For example, one lawyer might tell you that you need to fight really hard and that his services will cost you about $10,000. Another lawyer may tell you that you should try to work collaboratively with your spouse on a solution and that lawyer’s services might cost about $5,000.  There is no limit on how many free consultations you can get, so it makes sense to hear the perspective of several different lawyers before you hire one. This should help you find the most suitable lawyer for yourself.

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