Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Hire a Divorce Lawyer

If you are just about to begin the divorce process, like most others, you probably have more questions than answers. Especially when it comes to choosing a lawyer to represent you in your divorce proceedings. While it’s nice to know that we can turn to our friends and family for advice when we need to, it is not uncommon for that well-meaning advice to be biased and steer us in the wrong direction.

We know people mean well when they want to protect us and keep us from getting hurt. But when it comes to navigating a divorce, it is important to be advised by an experienced professional who can give an informed and unbiased opinion.

An experienced divorce lawyer can let you know the options available to you in your specific situation, help you qualify the information and advice you receive from others, and most importantly, help you make the best decisions for your family

Finding a good divorce lawyer can be both time and energy consuming. Here are a few tips to help you with the process:

1. Find Good Divorce Lawyers to Interview:

  • Ask for referrals – Ask your local bar association, referral agencies, and other professionals such as your banker, doctor, accountant, etc.
  • Shortlist a few – list lawyers so that you can select them based on your own criteria
  • Arrange an initial consultation with each – Always consult with a lawyer before you hire and if you aren’t comfortable with them, keep interviewing.

2. Questions To Ask The During Your Initial Consultation:

  • Before you meet, ask the lawyer if you should bring any documents to the consultation so that he or she can better assess your situation.
  • Ask the lawyer how he or she intends to proceed with your case?
  • Ask about the costs involved with hiring the divorce lawyer
  • Find out if you need to pay a retainer in addition to the cost of hiring the lawyer.
  • Ask for a contract detailing all of the fees involved in hiring his or her services

3. Other factors to bear in mind:

  • It is much better to take your time and choose the right lawyer than to jump from one lawyer to another once the divorce process has started. This can also keep the overall cost of your divorce, as well as the stress, manageable.
  • An initial consultation with a lawyer does not imply that you have hired them
  • You can choose a different lawyer after an initial consultation with one.
  • Select a lawyer who can explain the divorce process to you clearly
  • A good divorce lawyer should be cable of efficiently handling both the mediation and the trial.

4. Contact an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Hiring the right lawyer can mean the difference between a divorce settlement that you can live with and one that you can’t. Consult with reputable and highly recommended divorce lawyers and choose one wisely. If you do, you will end up with a more equitable divorce and a more satisfying life after.   

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