How Take Advantage of Divorce Support Groups

How Take Advantage of Divorce Support Groups

Randy Newman once sang, “we stick together and we see it through, because you’ve got a friend in me.”  In other words, when you are going through a tough life change like a divorce, it helps to have people going through it with you. Divorce support groups can be a source of strength, if for no other reason than misery loves company. 

Talking can help

The end of a marriage almost always comes with a lot of painful emotions.  Keeping these emotions in can lead you to feeling resentment, or to lashing out an an inopportune time.  Instead of bottling up your emotions, it can help to share your feelings over time in a safe space with people that will not judge you.

People in divorce support groups will be seeking your support as well, giving you an opportunity to share your strength with someone else.

You can also get useful information from a support group.  Nobody knows what you are going through better than somebody else who is in the same position.  Fellow divorcees from local divorce support groups might refer you to a good lawyer, or someone in an online divorce support group might help you think of a new custody arrangement to try with your ex-spouse.  

You never know how your peers might help.

Support groups are cost effective

Divorce can get expensive.  Lawyers can charge you hundreds of dollars per hour, and they are not very good therapists anyway.  Therapists can be just as expensive, and you usually cannot keep a therapist on speed dial. They have packed schedules and if you have a low moment you will be better off calling a friend from your support group over trying to reach a therapist.

There are many non religious divorce support groups, but these groups can also often be tied in with a church or other religious service.  For example, there are many Catholic divorce support groups that are run by local churches. There are also special divorce support groups for men, and women’s divorce support groups.  There is help for everyone.

Not just for adults

Support groups for separation and divorce can also be a huge help for children of divorcing parents.  Divorce is a massive change in the life of a child. It can shake the trust children have in the dependability of their parents.  

They can also feel like outsiders, forced to live a strange life of moving back and forth between homes.  A support group can help children of divorce understand that they are not alone and that other families move on just fine after a divorce. 

Take action now

Just search for “divorce support groups near me” and you will find many options for support groups for divorce that can fit your needs.  If an in-person support group is too hard to get to, or just not your style, there are many good online divorce support groups as well. These support groups can be as simple as an online message board, or they could include video chatting to discuss a pre-planned topic.  Modern technology increases the options available to a new divorcee.

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