Unique Value of Divorce Lawyers for Men in the Divorce Process

Unique Value of  Divorce Lawyers for Men in the Divorce Process

The divorce process favors women in many ways.  This historical prejudice does not make much sense today, but it is still a reality and many men struggle to find divorce lawyers that can stand up for their interests.  Some attorneys advertise themselves as divorce lawyers for men, and they really understand the impacts the law can have on one particular gender. Here are some things every man going through a divorce should know.  

The male side of the story

Divorce has a long history of favoring wives.  When it comes to children, courts often followed the “tender years doctrine,” which basically said that young children should be with their mothers.  Divorce lawyers for men no longer have to worry about this being an actual law, but this perception that “mothers know best” is still out there. 

The law also has a long tradition that a man must care for any woman who bore him children. Divorce was rarely granted until the 1800s, and even then divorce was only possible if one spouse committed some sort of misconduct.  That often meant the husband committed adultery, for example. When that happened the husband would be ordered to care for his mistreated wife until she died or remarried.

Today these spousal support payments, often called alimony, have fallen out of favor in most states. 

There is still a bias that often leads to a woman getting preferential treatment in property division, though.  Divorce lawyers for men often point out that women should be treated equally when they have equal earning capacity. 

Good divorce lawyers for men will help overcome these historical biases. They may highlight the wife’s career trajectory.  They may highlight the work the husband does around the house. They may even try to show that the wife has engaged in abusive behavior.  

Best divorce lawyers for men refuse to follow the traditional gender stereotypes that can hurt a man in divorce.  

Special concerns for Christians

Christians have a complicated relationship with divorce.  Many factions of the church prohibited divorce. The Catholic Church famously prohibited divorce, which drove Henry VIII of England to split the Church of England from the Catholic Church and the Pope in order to allow him to annul the first of his marriages.  Divorce is much easier now, of course.

Modern Christian leaders, like Focus on the Family, still remind us that God sees marriage as a lifelong union, even though Christians tend to divorce at the same rate as the general public.  Malachi 2:13-16 emphasizes that God views marriage as sacred, He hates divorce, and He sees marriage as a institution that produces children of good character.   

Despite the bias against divorce, most Christians recognize that divorce is unavoidable in some circumstances.  Most would agree than in a fallen world divorce lawyers are needed to ensure financial and spiritual protection for children.  There are even some specialized Christian divorce lawyers for men. These lawyers recognize the troubles with divorce but also help a divorcing husband on his walk to redemption.

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