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Judge In Gloves To Protect From Coronavirus Writing On Paper

Will COVID-19 Lead to More Divorces? 5 Ways to Save Your Marriages

For the uninitiated, divorce rate and Covid-19 might sound mutually exclusive. But as the world grapples with the Coronavirus pandemic, …
Terry Gaspard,  Middletown, RI

By Terry Gaspard

MSW, LICSW| 5  min read

Young Family Portrait Through The Window Prevention Covid-19

5 Quarantine Survival Tips for Your Marriage and Family

With the COVID-19 pandemic, and cases increasing as the days go by, many couples and families have been confined in …
Loretta Parker, Marriage & Family Therapist Sacramento, CA

By Loretta Parker

Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, Certified Brainspotting Practitioner| 3  min read

Happy Young Couple Enjoying Breakfast In Bed And Clinking Coffee Mugs

Coronavirus Crisis-keeping Love Alive During Difficult Times

There’s a meme going around to the effect that at the end of our collective incarceration, we’ll either see a …
Marcie Scranton, Marriage & Family Therapist Los Angeles, CA

By Marcie Scranton

Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT| 3  min read

Background Woman In Isolation At Home For Virus Outbreak Or Hypochondria

How to Prepare for Uncertainty Caused by Novel Coronavirus

With the current climate and the uncertain times, there is a lot of fear and panic. One minute your life …
Kirsten Louise Cantley, Licensed Professional Counselor Greenville, SC

By Kirsten Louise Cantley

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC| 3  min read

Unhappy Girl Looking At Her Boyfriend Who Indifferently Playing Video Games

5 Things Couples Do During the Quarantine for Maintaining Relationships

Many are coping with anxiety around maintaining relationships, and the stress stemming from COVID-19. With so much to adjust to …
Jelisha Gatling, Marriage & Family Therapist New York City, NY

By Jelisha Gatling

Marriage & Family Therapist, Child Sexual Abuse Training| 3  min read

12 Psychological Self-Care Tips to Deal With the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is an extraordinary and difficult time. With so much uncertainty and social turmoil, it is easy to give in …
Roland Evans, Psychotherapist Boulder, CO

By Roland Evans

Psychotherapist| 4  min read

Young Couple Having Problems In Relationship Arguing And Feeling Sad Both

7 Tips for Managing Anxiety in Relationship When Your Spouse is Not Preventative During COVID-19

When it comes to COVID-19 and sheltering at home, we’re all dealing with it in our own ways. Some people …
Vicki Botnick, Marriage & Family Therapist Tarzana, CA

By Vicki Botnick

Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT| 5  min read

Young Man Felling Depressed And Desperate Crying Alone In Sofa Home

Managing Anxiety in Relationships During Coronavirus Crisis

It must have been challenging to stay in the house with your spouse/partner amidst this coronavirus crisis. Your family could …
Dr Rosana Marzullo Dove, Psychologist Tampa, FL

By Rosana Marzullo Dove

Psychologist, Mindfulness, EFT.| 4  min read

Attractive Women Taking Video Confrencing On Her Tablet Laying On Couch At Home

Coping With Long-Distance Relationships During This Coronavirus Pandemic

While these times of a global pandemic is not ideal for starting and/or maintaining a relationship, yet there is still hope. …
Rita Thornton, MA, CTRTC , Licensed Professional Counselor Cincinnati, OH

By Rita Thornton

Licensed Professional Counselor, Choice Theory Reality Therapy| 4  min read

Couple Looking Each Other In Love On Couch

How to Maintain a Relationship in the Time of Quarantine – Marriage Advice During Social Isolation

We are now well into the throes of social isolation due to the global pandemic, and whether your experience thus …
Nancy Ryan, Marriage & Family Therapist Fair Oaks, CA

By Nancy Ryan

Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT| 6  min read

Happy Mother and Father Sitting on Sofa and Looking at Their Children Drawing at Home

How to Handle Responsibilities in a Relationship During COVID-19

Many of us have been suddenly caught in the eye of the Corona storm which has thrown us off-kilter.  One …
Micki Lavin Pell

By Micki Lavin Pell

Marriage & Family Therapist| 3  min read

Couple Having Fun While Doing Spring Cleaning Together

How to Maintain Relationships During COVID-19 – Expert Advice

COVID-19 has united everyone in terms of feeling the same harrowing fears, worries, and spiraling anxiety. Having suddenly been caught …
Rachael Pace

By Rachael Pace

Expert Blogger| 7  min read

Businessman Wearing Medical Mask During Working In Office

Self-Care at the Time of COVID-19

I don’t know about you but keeping myself grounded and present has been way more challenging of late! Everything I …
Darla Sinclair, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Ellicott City, MD

By Darla Sinclair

Licensed Clinical Social Worker| 4  min read

Couple Cooking Together In The Kitchen At Home

How to Support Your Spouse During the Coronavirus Pandemic

For most men, while this is going to sound very stereotypical, it can be 100% accurate, it’s going to come …
David Essel, Counselor Fort Myers, FL

By David Essel

Counselor, M.S| 5  min read

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