Civil Unions and Gay Marriages in Vermont

Civil unions in Vermont

Lesbian or gay marriage in Vermont have been legalized in May 2009 before the federal law. Due to this event, civil unions that didn’t exist prior to September 1, 2009 are no longer available. In light of this, for those couples having civil unions that were entered into before September 1, 2009, Vermont will still recognize the civil union as valid.

As with other states that recognize civil unions, there are certain rights and responsibilities in Vermont that are available to Vermont residents who enter into a civil union. These include:

1. Having the responsibility to support each other “to the same degree and in the same manner as prescribed under law for married persons”

2. Ability to enjoy state tax benefits

3. Family health insurance policies and joint credit to couples

4. The right for a member of the couple to leave work to care for their ill partner

5. Co-parenting privileges and responsibilities (to the child of one or both partners during the course of the civil union)

6.Guardianship and medical decision making right for a partner should they become incapacitated

7. The ability to enjoy inheritance rights (even without a will)

8. In case the civil union ends, both partners have equal access to state separation, divorce, child custody, child support and property division laws

Obtaining a certified civil union record in Vermont

If you want to obtain a certified copy of a marriage/civil union or divorce/dissolution record, you will need to complete the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration Form VSARA-09.

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