Child Custody Problems and What to do

Child Custody Problems & What to do

Trying to work out how to co-parent after a divorce or separation can be overwhelming. You can come up with a workable custody arrangement if you are willing to cooperate with your ex-spouse and put your children’s best interest first. Here is some advice on how to deal with custody problems.

Educate yourself

Get to know the laws of your state as they relate to custody and visitation. Custody is usually distinguished as either legal or physical.

Physical custody relates to which parent the children live with most of the time.

Legal custody relates to which parent has the legal authority to make major parenting decisions such as, where the children go to school, medical treatment, disciplinary issues, etc.

Parents can share joint physical and legal custody, where they share in decision making and split time with the children equally. Likewise, a parent can have sole physical custody and joint legal custody.

You can also have sole physical and legal custody. If physical custody isn’t joint, the noncustodial parent will usually be granted visitation or parenting time with your children.

Be realistic

It’s hard to separate emotion from logic when making hard decisions about where your children will live. Though you may want to have joint physical custody, is it really in your children’s best interest?

Does one parent travel a lot for work? Is one parent better able to keep a structured schedule with the children?

Think realistically about how the children will fare before taking a firm stance one way or the other.

Be flexible

Even if you agree on a custody and parenting time schedule, you may need to change it down the road. This because as your children get older, their needs might change.

Bear in mind that an every-other-weekend visitation schedule might prevent your children from participating in sports or other activities.

So, keep an open mind about making changes to suit the needs of your growing children.

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Be prepared

Finding a workable custody arrangement after a divorce or separation can be difficult, especially if the break up was contentious and you and your ex-spouse are not communicating well.

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If you can’t work out a custody agreement despite your best efforts, you may need to let a judge decide. This means being prepared to present your case to the court in the most effective manner.

A family law attorney who is experienced in fighting custody battles can help you prepare for what you should expect and present your case to the court.

Contact an experienced family law attorney

If you and your ex-spouse cannot come to terms on a co-parenting or custody arrangement, you may need to go to court and let a judge decide. Hiring an attorney who can assist you in presenting your case to the court can be a huge advantage. Contact an experienced family law attorney for free no cost, no obligation consultation today.

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