8 Signs of Sexual Abuse Parents Shouldn’t Ignore

8 Signs of Sexual Abuse Parents Shouldn’t Ignore

Sexual abuse is an evil the society is finding hard to deal with. People of all ages and gender are facing sexual abuse at various levels of their life and at various places.

While adults are able to comprehend the situation and a few of them are able to raise the red flag, children are unable to spot the abuser or even express what’s going on with them.

This is where parents must lookout for signs of sexual abuse in their kid and take precautionary measures before it’s too late.

The government has been strict about it and there are various NGOs working toward educating parents and helping kids understand the difference between good and evil touch.

Nonetheless, listed below are some signs of sexual abuse in children that will help you notice things before things blow out of proportion.

1. Change in behavior

One of the common signs of sexual abuse in kids is their sudden change in behavior. Kids find it hard to comprehend the bad touch and are unable to speak up against it.

Over a period, they develop a sense of fear and start to keep things within themselves. This is when their behavior changes.

If your kid suddenly goes through a behavioral change, ask them what’s bothering them. Show them your support and love so that they can gradually open up and speak about the abuser.

2. The fear of touch

One of the prominent signs of sexual abuse is the fear of touch. When the kid goes through sexual abuse, they eventually start hating or develop a fear of the touch.

The moment someone touches them, they get frightened. They avoid physical touch, as much as possible, and refuse to share the reason for their frightening response.

Make a note of these signs of sexual abuse to protect them from the abuser.

3. Physical bruises

Sexual abuse will leave behind some physical bruises. Your kid would try to hide these bruises from you and would avoid giving a clear and truthful answer to your concerns.

In their adolescent years, you’ll be vigilant toward these signs of sexual abuse and calmly confront them about it.

Before they open up properly, it’s essential that you win their trust and show your support to them, in every way possible.

4. Change in eating habit

This is another important sign of child sexual abuse. Most kids enjoy eating and it’s usual for them to show tantrum in certain cases.

However, if the child is facing sexual abuse, they would slowly reduce eating food, even if it’s their favorite.

This happens as the sexual abuse incidents run in their mind and they become vulnerable suddenly.

So, look out for these signs of child sexual abuse so that you can take necessary measures in time.

5. Hiding facts and conversation

Hiding facts and conversation

It’s usual that the child abuser will tell the kid to not share the conversation or the activities with anyone. In such cases, even if you find your kid talking to an abuser, the kid would refuse to share the details.

Upon noticing this, it’s essential that you get suspicious about the conversation and try to confront your kid about the entire episode.

Be empathic towards them as they’re already going through a lot of things at such a tender age.

6. Constant nightmares

One of the warning signs of sexual abuse is constant nightmares. When the kid if thinking about the abuse the whole day and is getting isolated, they’re approaching the extreme stage of sexual abuse.

The thoughts of abuses are not letting them have a decent day and nightmares are not letting them in peace. It’s essential that if your child is getting constant nightmares, ask them about what’s disturbing them.

They surely would take some time to open up about their abuses, but just don’t ignore the facts as your kid says so.

7. Mood swings

Isolation, guilt, helplessness, and suppressed anger often lead to mood swings. Mood swings are one of the signs of repressed sexual abuse

The kid is trying to act normal but the turmoil within is never letting them settle down with their anger. Hence, on certain occasions, the kid might burst out in anger or would behave inappropriately for a situation.

If this happens often then it’s time that you speak to them about the abuse or pain they’re going through.

8. Suicidal thoughts

One of the signs of childhood sexual abuse is getting suicidal thoughts. The kid has seen so much at quite an early stage of the life that they want to end the suffering.

As they’re helpful and find it hard to trust anyone around, the suppressed feelings often lead to such thoughts.

If the kid or anyone around you is getting such feelings, or have attempted it, it’s better that you speak to them and help them find a way out of this situation.

The aforementioned are some prominent signs of sexual abuse that will help you identify if your child is the victim of such a horrifying act.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to closely monitor and pick up non-verbal signs and hints your kid if making when they’re at the receiving end of this act.

The faster you can catch the signs the faster they can be treated and the justice can be made.

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