Inter-Country Adoption Costs

Inter-Country Adoption Costs

Perhaps you were thinking about adopting a child from a foreign country, and concerned about the worries that come with the adoption process. This article will give you a brief outline of the sort of costs that you can expect when going through this procedure.

Intercountry adoption agency fees

With the ever-increasing growth of the world wide web, there has been a growth in international adoption agencies. These are agencies that are qualified to deal with adoption cases in a specific country, or indeed many different countries.

No doubt, one of the first things you are going to think about is, how much is this whole procedure going to cost you. Well, there are some different costs. The cost of the intercountry adoption agency could be as much as $40,000 due to the number of things to be paid for.

Things that incur costs during the adoption:

  • Immigration procedure
  • Court costs
  • Donations are sometimes required as part of the procedure
  • Government agency costs
  • Government orphanage costs
  • Charitable foundation costs
  • Attorney fees

Many of these fees will be due to the costs incurred by the third party in a foreign country. For instance, as well as the government costs, there may be a need for a person in the foreign country to help with the adoption process who will require payment.

Further, you can expect other fees which you may not have considered when you started the process. For instance:

  • The cost of processing the child’s passport
  • Before applying for a visa, the child will need a medical examination
  • After the medical examination, they will be able to apply for a passport which will also incur costs
  • If the child is from a non-English speaking country, a translator will need to be employed
  • If the child needs medical care and treatment, such as vaccinations, again there will be extra costs
  • The prospective parents are likely to travel to the country where the child resides. There will be a cost of the airfare, plus visas if required, and cost of the accommodation in that country.

Intercountry adoptions and finalising in a US court

While some intercountry adoptions will need to be finalised in the child’s original country of residence, there will be some cases which need to be finalised in a US court. Often, for peace of mind, new adoptive parents choose to finalise the adoption in a US court. This is done to give the child the additional protection of full legal status within the US.

There will be costs for preparing the documents for courts. The cost may range between $500-$3000. Further, legal representation in the court will be required. This will range between $3000-$12,000. Although in some jurisdictions adoption can be finalised without legal representation, this is not advised. An attorney will ensure the legal rights of your child and yourself as adoptive parents. You don’t want the possibility of undertaking the procedure yourself, later finding out that you’ve made a mistake. If you did this, ultimately it would make the whole process more expensive, and you would also have to endure an extreme amount of heartache.

Reasons to consider intercountry adoption

In recent years, adopting a child in the United States has become progressively more expensive. Further, the process is not very quick. People consider an intercountry adoption to be a good option because it can be cheaper than a domestic adoption. Also, it is a much faster process.


As you can see, there are some pros and cons of adopting a child from a foreign country. If your main concerns are the timescale and cost of adopting a child, you may in the first instance, wish to consider adopting a child from a foreign country.

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