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1 answer

Favorite Marriage Sites?

Wedding Wishlist is my favourite marriage website. You can plan your wedding to make your big day perfect. 
3 answers

Feeling that I am low priority

Marriage is the most intimate relationship there is and you have the right to ask him about his professional life and his colleagues. Though going through your spouse's messages or making comments about...
1 answer

My bf wont talk to me. He said he'd not mad, but he also ignores me. What should I do?

He probably is really mad at you for some reason and wants you to think over it and come up with the reason on your own. You should pursue him a little more to make him disclose the reason for his rude...
1 answer

Need help in relationship please I feel sad and lost in this 10 years marriage

Conflicts are likely to arise in every marriage and resolving these conflicts is really crucial for the well being of your relationship then you must go for marriage counseling.
1 answer

Reconciling with husband, but he doesn't want to end close female friendship.

No, in my opinion, you're not. Of course, you must respect her and what they shared but he also must understand that you need to give the marrige a fair chance. If he keeps connecting with her and continues...
1 answer

Asking for advice

The fact that you have been together for 25 years shows you care for each other.   Women appreciate constant attention, adulation, appreciation and encouragement in what they think and may be you have...
5 answers

I Am Jealous of My Wife's Hobby

I think you know the answer to your question yourself. From reading your question I get the impression that you and your wife are an open minded couple and have a healthy relationship. You support each...
1 answer

Is it unusual that my husband doesn't want to share info about past sexual partners with his wife of over 3 yrs?

Normally, married couples do share everything about their previous romantic/sexual experiences with each other. So there is nothing wrong with you being inquisitive about that. But if your husband doesn't...
1 answer

I need to know some best wedding presents ideas.

Hey there, wedding gifts play an important role because through the gifts you can impress the bride and groom. You can gift the couple everyday useable stuff like toaster, juicer, blender or you can gift...
4 answers

Secured Long-Term Relationsihp vs. Unconditional Love Affair

Hi MissPatikan,  I believe you when you say that you're having a real hard time weighing your feelings for both these men. Add to this confusion, you're really young and at such an age, it is hard...
2 answers

What are the signs of infidelity in men?

Only one thing comes in my mind while reading the above posts that we can’t judge the book by its cover, right? It is very difficult to notice such things until we are not in contact because some people...
4 answers

How to stop a divorce after separation?

My husband has abandon me and the kids for the the past 8months now, and refuse to come back because he was hold on by a woman whom he just met, for that, my self and the kids has been suffering and it...
5 answers

How to find a marriage counselor within your budget?

Those who are cash-strapped may be relieved to learn that many marriage counselors provide services that are income-sensitive.  Counseling services provided by community agencies, churches, and synagogues...
4 answers

Best relationship counseling astrologer in Mumbai

Try our wedding services to get rid of stress in your wedding.
1 answer

What questions can be asked about marriage preparation?

What daily devotionals do you do? Do you pray at mealtimes and at bedtime? When will we set time aside to study the bible and give prayer? Do you have a favorite prayer or a ritual prayer? How important...
16 answers

Are marriage workshops really helpful or just a waste of money?

Just like any service, marriage workshops run the full gamut of excellent to ordinary. Some may even be downright harmful to a relationship, so it’s important to know what to look for and what to avoid....
9 answers