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Should I stay

Victims find themselves between a rock and a hard spot when it comes to dealing with their verbally abusive husband. On one side, the abuser tells the victim he loves her. In your case, this is quite the...
2 answers

He doesn't like it when I bring up marriage

Jenny, This is a genuine concern, please, please do not brush it off and think that he needs "more time" I mean seriously what is he waiting for? Clearly, he is making up excuses... You guys have been...
2 answers

What is a happy marriage? How can I have it?

Like always said 'It takes two to tango' same is in the case of marriage. It is a union of two people for which both couples have to work each day to give it a beautiful meaning. But due to busy schedule...
6 answers

What does it mean when your partner always compliments other womens appearance but not you ?

Hi there,  You need to stop 'wishing that you were invisible'. You are a beautiful, loving and a caring soul... Please understand that all of us need validation of this from our partners - there is nothing...
1 answer

He didnt ask my hand eversince

Please share more details...
1 answer

After a case of infidelity, can counseling really help?

Counseling can be especially helpful when a couple is in crisis. After a case of infidelity, a couples counselor will help both partners process their feelings about it. They’ll help you explore the...
2 answers

Where can I get free marriage counseling?

marriage counseling is available to build a happy, long lasting and healthy relationship and the best way to bring your declining relation back to the loving state.
2 answers

Infedelity has led to husband getting mistress pregnant

Oh my god - this sounds crazy and I cannot imagine what you must be going through. What does your husband want? Is he accepting that he made a mistake and also wants to save the marriage? You can get the...
2 answers

Do women who refuse to change maiden name usually end up in marital strife?

First of all, when you become a married couple the name change that occurs is a symbol of the couple identity that the two of you are taking on. It’s a symbol of your commitment to one another and...
2 answers

We've lived in the country for 25 of our 40 years of marriage. Now I want to move into the city. He won't budge.

You say you wish to have a sense of belonging and that's only understandable. It is something we all long for... My question is: why don't you already feel a sense of belonging here, with your husband,...
2 answers

Can you tell how to overcome infedility in marriage?

Infidelity is best addressed under the care of a professional counselor. Both spouses must be willing to do the work or they will not be successful. The work requires a commitment to trust, and the victim...
7 answers

How do I start a conversation with my wife about me suspecting a possible infidelity on a recent business trip?

I'd be suspicious if I were you....Just talk to her about this....Exactly how you mentioned it here..that formerly you never had any reason to doubt her but since she's been acting pretty unusual, you...
2 answers

How to control your privacy between the couple relationship?

You can grab PrivateMe on Google Play
4 answers

I lost my marriage certificate. What are the steps to get a new one made?

You can submit an application for a new one directly in the court or you can ask your attorney to do so as he will help you in telling you the exact procedures as sometimes the entire procedure can take...
3 answers

Can someone PLEASE give me hope.

Your kids need you to be there for them right now, I suggest that you plan some enriching and enjoyable times for your family without her, and spend time with lots of heart to heart talks exploring their...
4 answers

Partner wants us to live in separate house but remain as a couple? We have children too.

Haven't you given in already - on soooo many levels? First, you're not married.You have,not 1 but 2 kids from this man. Second, even after this, your partner never put in any solid effort or committed...
3 answers

What should I do? Options and opinions needed

Oh my God - this sounds so complicated! I can feel through this post how upset and worried you are about this situation. It's hard and very complicated, really.... Your wife says that she loves you....has...
1 answer

What would suggest for me to do about my husbands imagination?

That's crazy! On what basis does he do that? If there are signs or a friendship that he's not comfortable with, then this could possibly be understandable. But he needs to base this on some thing, some...
2 answers

Any dating advice for 40+ woman?

there are many books on dating advices for over 40. i personally choose to be myself and make the other smile. it works at every age. in addiction,you can check online some pubs for over 40 couples and...
2 answers