Wedding Websites  Wedding Websites

When a girl got engaged fifty years ago, she turned to her mother, aunts, sisters and friends for advice. Now we have a plethora of wedding websites that give every woman the ability to plan her own wedding on her own time.

Wedding websites fill a variety of niches. Some help you pick colors, some help you pick caterers, and some help you decide what the perfect dress silhouette is for your body type. connects brides-to-be with vendors like florists, photographers, caterers, and other wedding essentials. You may think that once you pick the groom, you’re already mostly there. But wedding ceremonies and receptions are minefields of etiquette, decorations and choices. What fabric should the bridesmaids’ dresses be? Buffet or plated dinner? How exactly is a wedding cake different from a normal cake?

Some girls think about their weddings years in advance – long before they’ve met a potential groom or established a budget. But even the most seasoned wedding aficionado might need help with aspects like renting a reception hall or finding a good five-piece orchestra that can play The Beatles as well as Vivaldi. That’s where wedding websites come in. They can also help wedding novices figure out where to get started and the first steps of planning a wedding.

Wedding websites can also help you keep things organized. A big part of planning a wedding on your own is making sure things are in order. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, reservations and appointments all need a central location so you can access them at any time.

Many modern couples like to put together a site where guests can get the latest information on the upcoming nuptials. lets you set up a website with a personalized URL where you can post your guest list and RSVPS, wedding photos, information for the big day and much more.

Wedding websites also often have advice on tricky questions brides face, like how to ask someone to be a bridesmaid and how to register for gifts. Whether you need help every step of the way or just need to find the best florist in town, try wedding websites like for advice, information and more.

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