Wedding Planning in Los Angeles

Wedding planning in Los Angeles is a big deal. There are so many churches, hotels, restaurants and venues here – how is a bride supposed to big just one? Between the ceremony, the reception, the rehearsal dinner, and where all of the out-of-town guests are going to stay, sometimes it feels like it’d be easier to just plan the whole thing for your parents’ backyard.

That’s part of why we created We want to give couples a place to check out wedding businesses without having to drive all over town. We’re putting together a mega-list of the best florists, bakers, dress shops and caterers in the Southland. Whether you’re doing a small garden ceremony or a massive cathedral wedding followed by a five-course meal, has the resources you need to pull off the perfect day.

If you’re just getting started on wedding planning in Los Angeles, you should have a system for keeping everything organized. You should either buy a notebook or a pre-made wedding planner book where you can jot down ideas, phone numbers and notes. In addition to what we have on, the library and most wedding venues have resources available for free.

The first thing you have to do is set your wedding budget. This will be the bottom line that affects everything from the date to the napkins on the table. Remember, your wedding will be beautiful because it’s yours, not because you dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars on just the centerpieces. Set a reasonable budget that won’t necessitate taking out loans or going into massive debt. Even if family members are offering to pay for everything, make sure you set a solid number with them before you even start browsing invitations.

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